Our CIF® technology combines continuous ion exchange and physical filtration to remove contaminants from water. This technology is proven and built on the foundations of ion exchange, a process that has been used in the water industry for over 50 years, and extensively used globally for hydrometallurgical recovery in mining.

CIF® uses a moving bed of charged resin beads to attract and remove ionic species from water whilst filtering the water of suspended solids, ensuring optimum efficiency and continual high performance. A portion of the resin is cycled between columns (usually hourly) using an air lift pump, allowing continuous operation and regeneration of the system.

cif 2
Ion Exchange Process

Process Description

Feed water is passed upwards through the ionic bed and exits the top of the filter as treated water. At the same time, the resin is removed from the bottom and passes between columns where it is cleaned, regenerated and returned to the top of the adsorption column.

cif graph 2
Layout and Operation of CIF® Columns


CIF­® provides the following advantages:

  1. Selective contaminant removal and direct capture of solids
  2. Very high water recoveries (typically >98%)
  3. Resistant to scaling and fouling
  4. Higher suspended solids tolerance and reduced pre-treatment requirements
  5. Lower power use
  6. Suitable for remote operation and monitoring


CIF® can be used in a range of applications, as common or specialty ion exchange resins can be chosen for the system to achieve the desired outcome. CIF® brings ion exchange to industries where it isn’t commonly used.

Typical IndustriesCIF® Can Remove
Mine Water Treatment – hardness removal and targeted metal removal/recoveryHardness
Municipal Reuse – targeted nitrate removal and nuisance contaminant removal (e.g. iron/uranium)Nutrients
Surface Water Treatment & Groundwater Treatment – harness and targeted nutrient/contaminant removalUranium
Power Plants – hardness removal of boiler water and treatment of flue gas desulphurisation waterArsenic/Antimony
Industrial Water – hardness and targeted contaminant removal from water and brinesBoron

Case Studies

1. CIF® Plant in Australia

cif case

A CIF® plant was installed in QLD, Australia to lower TDS and produce agricultural grade product water. The flow rate was 20m3/h and the plant achieved over 90% recovery.

Feed WaterProduct Water
TDS (mg/L)4,5001,650

2. Cobalt Mine in Africa

IMG E1996 2

Clean TeQ Water provided a treatment plant at a large minerals processing facility in the DRC. The plant was implemented to remove and concentrate nuisance (unwanted) uranium from a cobalt rich liquor, which significantly reduces the sale price of the final cobalt product if not removed. CIF® technology was selected and removes uranium from the stream before the final cobalt precipitation step. The plant has a flow rate of 833 m3/h.

UnitFeed WaterProduct Water

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