CIF® (Continuous Ionic Filtration)


Continuous Ionic Filtration

Our proprietary Continuous Ionic Filtration technology uses continuous countercurrent ion exchange for high recovery, environmentally friendly water treatment. CIF® can be applied to selectively remove a range of contaminants in a variety of industries.



Our CIF® technology combines continuous ion exchange and physical filtration to remove contaminants from water. This technology is proven and built on the foundations of ion exchange, a process that has been used in the water industry for over 50 years, and extensively used globally for hydrometallurgical recovery in mining.


CIF® uses a moving bed of charged resin beads to attract and remove ionic species from water whilst filtering the water of suspended solids, ensuring optimum efficiency and continual high performance. A portion of the resin is cycled between columns (usually hourly) using an air lift pump, allowing continuous operation and regeneration of the system.

Process Description

Feed water is passed upwards through the ionic bed and exits the top of the filter as treated water. At the same time, the resin is removed from the bottom and passes between columns where it is cleaned, regenerated and returned to the top of the adsorption column. CIF® is a robust, membrane-free technology that is highly resistant to fouling/scaling.

CIF® (Continuous Ionic Filtration)


CIF® can be used with commercially available ion exchange resins, and by moving the ion exchange resin around the system, CIF® can be applied in industries where ion exchange traditionally isn’t used. CIF® can remove a range of contaminants, including hardness, nuisance metal contaminants (e.g. iron, manganese, uranium), nitrate, phosphate, boron, sulphate and more.

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