Waste Water Treatment Plant Reuse, Western Australia


Continuous Ionic Filtration

Waste Water Treatment Plant Reuse, Australia

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Clean TeQ Water worked with WorleyParsons to install and test a 42m3/h municipal reuse pilot plant at the Woodman Point Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP).



Validate the effectiveness, efficiency, and cost of Clean TeQ Water’s CIF® on 42m3/h pilot plant.

Project Delivery

CIF® was chosen as the solution as direct softening can only reduce hardness a limited amount at a high chemical cost, and fixed bed ion exchanged required more expensive chemicals.


Testing successfully validated the CIF® technology has the ability to consistently satisfactorily treat secondary treatment wastewater and produce industrial quality water. Furthermore, it has demonstrated its capability of doing so with similar operating cost, lower power requirements and higher recoveries than MF/RO technology.

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