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Hardness Removal From Water

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Hardness removal is achieved in a single step with a low chemical cost using our CIF® (continuous ionic filtration) technology that combines physical filtration with ion exchange in a continuous and concurrent process.

Hardness Removal from Water

 Hardness In Water

Hard water is a term used to describe water with a high mineral content, usually referring to the concentration of multivalent cations. Calcium and magnesium ions are most commonly associated with causing hardness in water.

Hardness removal is important because hard water can cause:

  • Scaling issues for pipes, turbines, boilers, and heat exchangers for mining, oil & gas, and industrial applications
  • Altered taste in drinking water
  • Creation of soap scum during cleaning
  • Chemistry or efficiency issues when using hard water as process water

Hardness Removal Using CIF®

Our CIF® (continuous ionic filtration) technology combines physical filtration with ion exchange in a continuous and concurrent process, removing hardness to very low levels in a single step with a low chemical cost. In CIF®, ion exchange resins are moved between a series of four columns for resin washing and regeneration, providing continuous ion exchange. The packed bed of ion exchange resin also acts like a sand filter, reducing the suspended solids as water flows through the column.

The system is well suited to a range of industries, including:

  • Largescale treatment of bore water for use as drinking water
  • Reduction of hardness for mining/industrial process water or wastewater
  • Hardness removal for water used in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) processes

The system offers the following benefits:

  • Efficient hardness removal to very low levels due to the counter flow between water being treated and ion exchange resin
  • Reduction of suspended solids as they are filtered using the packed resin bed
  • Use of cheaper reagents such as sulphuric acid compared to batch ion exchange
  • Minimal pre-treatment requirements
  • Capable of reaching lower hardness levels than lime softening
  • Robust water treatment, typically without scaling/fouling issues
  • Zero liquid discharge capable in some applications

Clean TeQ Water can also provide flow sheets and equipment for softening very hard water (i.e. > 4,000 mg/L as CaCO3), and can provide solutions for selective hardness removal to allow recycling of process streams.

Hardness Removal from Water
Hardness Removal from Water

Hardness Removal Using Batch Ion Exchange

We also have experience using batch ion exchange for hardness removal to produce water suitable for drinking and process reuse. Batch ion exchange systems also achieve low hardness levels in treated water, but may require pre-treatment for solids and the use of hydrochloric acid for regeneration. Batch ion exchange systems can be economical when treating smaller water flowrates. Contact us to see which technology is best suited for the flowrate you are treating.



Case Studies

Hardness Removal from Water

Bore Water Softening Plant, Australia

28m3/h water treatment plant in Australia to reduce hardness and TDS for potable use.

Hardness Removal from Water

Gold Mine Wastewater Treatment Plant, Australia

2MLD DESALX® plant removing hardness and sulphate, producing water suitable for aquifer reinjection.

Hardness Removal from Water

Antimony Processing Plant Water Recycling, Oman

Treating multiple waste streams using the 0.5MLD plant, producing industrial quality water for reuse.

Hardness Removal from Water

Interstage Hardness Removal from RO Brine, China

Mobile CIF® plant for interstage RO brine hardness removal.

Hardness Removal from Water

Coal Seam Gas Produced Water Treatment, Australia

A 0.5 MLD DESALX® plant was deployed to treat coal seam gas produced water into agricultural grade product water for livestock and crops.

Hardness Removal from Water

Bore Water Reverse Osmosis Pre-Treatment, Australia

0.6MLD groundwater treatment plant to remove calcium, barium, and strontium before RO.

Hardness Removal from Water

Manganese, Iron and Hardness Removal, Australia

25m3/h water treatment plant at a mine site in Australia to remove manganese, iron and hardness from groundwater for potable use.

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