Bore Water Treatment, Australia


Continuous Ionic Filtration

Bore Water Treatment, Australia

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Clean TeQ Water installed a 0.6MLD groundwater treatment plant to remove calcium, barium, and strontium before RO.


Clean TeQ Water provided a water treatment plant consisting of CIF® and reverse osmosis to provide additional water capacity for a golf course in Australia. The golf course was located in an area experiencing water shortages and the application to purchase additional potable water was rejected. The golf course opted to install the CIF® + RO system to treat the groundwater, as it greatly increased the treated water volume and reduce the size of the brine disposal pond required on site.

Water Quality

Species Unit Bore 1 Bore 2
Flowrate m3/day 690 260
TSS mg/L 30.5 46.9
TDS mg/L 6227 6893
pH - 7.1 6.9
Cl mg/L 2450 3520
SO4 mg/L 391.9 327.9
TH (as CaCO3) mg/L 1018.63 2156.38
Ca mg/L 88 133
Fe mg/L 0.8 1.02
Mg mg/L 194 443
Sr mg/L 1.45 2.04
Ba mg/L 0.018 0.038
Mn mg/L 0.04 0.01
Na mg/L 1615 1851
Turbidity NTU 8.62 16.7


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