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Water Treatment Technology

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Clean TeQ Water's innovative technologies provide water treatment solutions with lower resource consumption, smaller waste production, and reduced impact on the environment

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Ion Exchange Technology

Our continuous ion exchange technology has a long history providing efficient metal recovery, and we have specifically adapted the technology to achieve high performance water treatment.

The continuous counter-current approach we use makes ion exchange viable in a range of industries where it traditionally isn’t used. Continuous ion exchange has a range of advantages over conventional fixed bed ion exchange systems, including:

  • Optimised contaminant removal and use of the ion exchange resin’s loading capacity
  • Higher tolerance to suspended solids and feed variations
  • Lower chemical use and less waste
  • Production of highly concentrated product streams

Lens Encapsulated Bacteria

Our encapsulated bacteria technology uses lens shaped PVA encapsulation to provide intensified ammonia and nitrate removal processes. Water and dissolved impurities diffuse through the lenses and come in contact with the bacteria, causing targeted reactions to occur.

BIOCLENS® lenses have a range of advantages over traditional free cell bacterial water treatment technology. They provide:

  • Consistent reduction of ammonia and nitrate to extremely low levels (<1 ppm)
  • Smaller site footprints
  • Lower energy demands
  • High activity rates in toxic environments and salt-laden brines
bioclens supply
Water Treatment Technology

Low Energy Evaporation & Crystallisation

Our EVAPX® technology consists of a number of evaporation chambers and condensation chambers, with forced air circulation between them. It evaporates difficult wastewater and brines using humidification and dehumidification, allowing evaporation to occur at temperatures lower than boiling point and at atmospheric pressure.

The distillate produced by EVAPX® is highly pure water, which can be reused or safely discharged to the environment. The waste produced can either be a concentrated brine, a slurry, or solids, depending on the client’s needs.

EVAPX® bring a number of benefits to clients, including:

  • Low energy consumption
  • Very high water recovery and small waste volumes
  • High scaling and fouling resistance
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance

Graphene Membranes

Our 100% owned subsidiary, NematiQ, is bring direct graphene nanofiltration membrane technology to the market. Graphene Membranes are a giant leap forward in producing pure and affordable water.

Benefits of Graphene Membranes include:

  • Low energy use due to high permeability
  • Easy passage of water and salts while rejecting larger species
  • Low waste production and easier waste management due to low salt
  • High chlorine and pH tolerance
Water Treatment Technology


Selective contaminant removal and solids filtration using our patented continuous ion exchange technology.

Two CIF® modules in series to first remove multivalent cations (e.g. calcium, magnesium), then multivalent anions (e.g. sulphate), avoiding saline brines in a robust membrane free process.

Using CIF® to remove scale forming compounds to achieve very high recovery from reverse osmosis, and using the reverse osmosis brine to regenerate CIF® in a chemical free process.

Specifically chosen bacteria encapsulated in PVA lenses, capable of removing ammonia and nitrate to very low levels (<1 ppm)

Using CIF® to selectively remove nitrate and BIOCLENS® to destroy the nitrate in the brine, reducing the salt consumption and waste since the salt is reused.

Using a dry air stream below boiling temperature to evaporate water and brines without pressure vessels, with high scaling resistance to handle the most contaminated and difficult to treat streams.

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