HIROX® (High Recovery Reverse Osmosis)

HIROX® combines our CIF® (continuous ionic filtration) with reverse osmosis (RO) to provide a low cost, highly effective water treatment process. HIROX® uses ion exchange to remove di- and tri-valent cations such as calcium, magnesium and heavy metals from waste waters. These ions are primarily responsible for the precipitation (scaling) that occurs on the RO membranes when operating at high recoveries. With this scaling potential removed, the RO process can be more efficient with higher recoveries, resulting in lower brine volumes.

Typical HIROX® Arrangement

The RO brine is used to regenerate the CIF® resins, providing chemical free pre-treatment for the RO. The CIF® process consists of a series of resin filled columns which are designed for specific functions, including filtration & ion exchange, cleaning, and resin regeneration.


Clean TeQ Water’s HIROX® technology can treat or complement membrane processes across a wide range of feed waters by removing both suspended particles (TSS) and dissolved contaminants (TDS) via ion exchange and RO. Flowsheets can be simplified, and recoveries increased for potable and wastewater applications. Operational costs (especially power) are much lower than other processes used for these applications.

✓ Greater tolerance to feed variations and flows✓ Greater tolerance to solids in the feed
✓ Extremely high recoveries (Typically 95-99%)✓ Low-cost operation
✓ Chemical free pre-treatment✓ Resistance to fouling
✓ Simple to operate


Typical IndustriesHIROX® Can Remove
Mining WaterHardness
Municipal ReuseNutrients
Surface Water TreatmentSulphates
Groundwater TreatmentSalinity
Power PlantsUranium
Coal, Fine & Petro ChemicalsSelenium

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