Municipal Wastewater Reuse

Municipal wastewater is the water which has gone to the sewer and ends up at a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) or sewage treatment plant (STP). Large volumes of water flow to these plants, and water requires treatment to ensure the safety of the environment and public’s health before discharge or reuse. Water scarcity is becoming an increasingly important global issue, and reuse schemes are becoming more common to substitute potable water use and increase the water security of the region.

Tertiary Treatment of Wastewater Effluent For Reuse

Clean TeQ Water provides tertiary treatment plants which use a combination of our treatment technologies and conventional technologies for nutrient removal and TDS reduction. Water treated for reuse can be used for irrigation, industrial and even potable reuse. Clean TeQ Water can also provide bacteria and virus reduction as part of our flowsheets to achieve the required water class.

Our technologies provide high water recoveries, making them well suited for use in both inland areas due to the smaller volumes of brine produced, and in coastal regions where brine can be discharged to the sea.

HIROX® Technology For Municipal Reuse

Our HIROX® (high recovery reverse osmosis) technology is well suited for tertiary treatment of wastewater effluent, especially for water which is high in hardness and TDS.

HIROX® consists of an integration of our CIF® (continuous ionic filtration) technology and RO. The CIF® module filters solids and removes ions such as calcium and magnesium which scale RO membranes, before water proceeds to RO. Since the scale forming ions have been removed, the RO can operate at much higher recoveries, typically achieving >95% for the combined HIROX® system. The RO brine is used to regenerate the ion exchange resins in CIF®, allowing for low OPEX, chemical free pretreatment.

Typical HIROX® Layout

HIROX® has the following advantages:

  1. Extremely high recoveries (Typically 95-99%)
  2. Chemical free pre-treatment by using RO brine to regenerate the ion exchange resins
  3. Greater tolerance to solids in the feed
  4. Resistance to scaling/fouling, usually with no pre-treatment of secondary effluent required before HIROX®
  5. Greater tolerance to feed water quality and flowrate variations

BIOCLENS™ and BIONEX™ Technology For Municipal Reuse

Our BIOCLENS™ and BIONEX™ technologies are both well suited for nutrient polishing of secondary treated effluent to levels suitable for discharge or reuse.

BIOCLENS™ can provide nitrification or denitrification to reach ammonia or nitrate concentrations as low as <1ppm, with a small site footprint due to the intense reactions that occur from the high bacteria biomass. The lens shaped PVA encapsulation protects the bacteria, allowing it to treat waters with high ammonia/nitrate concentrations and salinity.

BIOCLENS™ – Encapsulated Bacteria Lens


BIONEX™ is a combination of ion exchange and our BIOCLENS™ technology, which is suitable for targeted, large-scale nitrate removal with a low capital and operating cost.

Nitrate is selectively removed from water using ion exchange to <1ppm levels, creating a brine where the nitrate is concentrated. The brine is then treated using BIOCLENS™ to destroy the nitrate to nitrogen gas, allowing the brine to be reused and very high water recovery to be achieved.

Typical BIONEX™ Layout

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