Municipal Wastewater Reuse

Now more than ever, councils, municipalities and businesses are looking to recycled/reclaimed water to improve their water security. Substituting potable water with recycled water for irrigation, agriculture, industrial, (and in some cases potable use) can relieve pressure on distribution networks and limit our extraction of freshwater form the natural environment. Along with the sustainability benefits, businesses often experience substantial cost savings when switching to recycled water, creating additional value from water that is otherwise discharged to rivers, lakes or the ocean.

Our Solutions

Clean TeQ Water provides tertiary treatment plants which provide customers cost effective reuse of secondary treated wastewater effluent. We design customised flowsheets using either our own proprietary technologies or conventional water treatment technologies to achieve the customer’s goals for irrigation, industrial, or even potable reuse. Key technologies in our portfolio include combinations of continuous ion exchange, membrane treatment, and encapsulated bacteria technologies.

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Our Benefits

Our wastewater reuse technologies provide:

  • High water recovery, with the maximum volume of water for reuse and the smallest amount of waste
  • Increased water security and water availability, reducing the extraction of freshwater from the natural environment
  • Consistent treated water quality under varying feed water qualities and flowrates
  • Low capital and operating cost, saving businesses money by providing an affordable alternative to potable water


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