Nitrate Removal/Polishing

Nitrate water pollution is a major problem throughout the world. Elevated nitrated levels in wastewater can lead to:

  • Eutrophication of natural water bodies which causes algal blooms that severely harm water quality and the aquatic environment
  • Health issues is present in high concentrations, such as Infant Methemoglobinemia (blue baby syndrome) and increasing links to various forms of cancer

For these reasons, Governments and water authorities around the world are placing increasingly strict regulations on nitrate concentrations for discharge/disposal to the environment, and in drinking water applications.

Traditional nitrate removal plants use bacteria to break down nitrates in waste waters, which are often not able to meet the strictest (<5 ppm) nitrate effluent concentrations required for disposal of water into sensitive environments such as rivers, lakes and drinking water catchments. This challenge is even greater during colder weather months when bacteria are less active.

Satellite photo of an algal bloom

Our Solutions

Clean TeQ Water’s nitrate removal technologies can consistently and efficiently reach nitrate concentrations as low as <1ppm without using membrane treatment.

Our BIOCLENS™ lenses contain encapsulated, living bacteria in a stable, porous PVA gel matrix. The bacteria are specifically selected for denitrification in fresh and seawater conditions, where nitrate / nitrite are converted into harmless nitrogen gas.

BIONEX™ is well suited to treating high flowrates of water, as ion exchange resin is used as the primary treatment method to efficiently remove nitrate to low levels in all conditions. The ion exchange system allows for rapid treatment of the water, and smaller site footprints. The nitrate on the ion exchange resin is desorbed using a sodium chloride solution into a nitrate rich brine. The brine is treated using BIOCLENS™ to convert the nitrate into nitrogen gas and allow the sodium chloride solution to be reused – greatly reducing the reagent consumption, waste production, and OPEX of the system.

Our Benefits

Our nitrate removal technologies provide:

  • Consistent nitrate removal to as low as <1ppm
  • Very high water recovery and less/no sludge waste
  • Excellent resistance to fouling and scaling
  • Ability to treat saline water/brine and nitrate concentrations >1,000 ppm as the encapsulation protects the bacteria
  • Smaller site footprints due to higher bacteria concentration and the use of ion exchange
  • Low CAPEX and OPEX

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