Tertiary Nitrate Treatment at a WWTP, Czech Republic


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Tertiary Treatment at a WWTP, Czech Republic

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Clean TeQ Water’s BIOCLENS® technology was used to polish nitrate to below 10mg/L for an industrial business park.


A business park in Europe contained between 3000 and 6400 employees, producing unequal loading and varying nitrate concentration in the wastewater. The effluent from the plant was discharged into a stream which had strict discharge requirements of 5ppm for nitrates. The plant had an average flowrate of 377 m3/day and produced an effluent which consistently meets the 5ppm discharge requirement.

Water Quality

Parameter Value
Tank volume 24 m³
Flowrate 377 m³/d
Concentration N-NO3- in influent 33 mg/L
Concentration N-NO3- in effluent 5 mg/L
Hourly amount N-NO3- in influent 0.5 kg/hr
N-NO3- removal capacity 0.4 kg/hr
Amount of denitrification biocatalyst 1760 kg
Tertiary Nitrate Treatment at a WWTP, Czech Republic


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