Coal Seam Gas Produced Water Treatment, Australia


Membrane-Free Desalination

Coal Seam Gas Produced Water Treatment, Australia

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A mobile DESALX® plant was placed in Queensland, Australia to treat coal seam gas produced water into agricultural grade product water for livestock and crops. The feed water’s total dissolved solids (TDS) was 4,500mg/L and the plant produced 1,650mg/L TDS water, with over 90% water recovery. The capacity of the plant was 20m3/h.

Project Delivery

CIF® was chosen as the solution as lime softening could only reduce the hardness by a limited amount at a high chemical cost, and fixed bed ion exchanged required more expensive chemicals. The plant consisted of a containerised first stage, followed by a 1MLD second stage which has a modular steel frame for easy disassembly and transport.


High recovery and lower cost of ownership were the plant’s key benefits.

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