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Arsenic and Antimony Removal From Water

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Clean TeQ Water’s CIF® (continuous ionic filtration) technology can be used to reduce or remove arsenic and antimony to very low levels.

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Arsenic and Antimony in Water

Arsenic (As) and antimony (Sb) both appear in group 15 of the periodic table, with antimony appearing directly under antimony. They have complex chemical behaviours and are commonly used as alloying agents. There are various methods available for removing arsenic and antimony from water, and the effectiveness of each method varies with concentration, pH, and oxidation state.

High concentrations of arsenic and antimony can be found in:

  • Acid mine drainage (AMD) water
  • Mining process water or wastewater
  • Certain industrial wastewater
  • Groundwater in certain areas

Arsenic is detrimental to human health, with main long-term ingestion associated with cancer, skin lesions, developmental effects, cardiovascular disease, neurotoxicity and diabetes. The World Health Organisation guidelines for drinking water are 20 ppb for antimony, and 10 ppb for arsenic.

Arsenic and Antimony Removal Technologies

A suitable ion exchange resin is chosen based on the feed water characteristics to provide optimal resin loading. CIF® is a robust combination of physical filtration and ion exchange which achieves high recoveries with a tolerance to variable feed flowrates and concentrations. CIF® is capable of removing arsenic and antimony to very low levels. Clean TeQ Water can also provide conventional precipitation to remove arsenic and antimony as part of larger flowsheets.



Case Studies

Arsenic and Antimony Removal

Gold Mine Wastewater Treatment Plant, Australia

2MLD DESALX® plant removing hardness and sulphate, producing water suitable for aquifer reinjection.

Arsenic and Antimony Removal

Antimony Processing Plant Water Recycling, Oman

Treating multiple waste streams using the 0.5MLD plant, producing industrial quality water for reuse.

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