Gold Mine Wastewater Treatment Plant, Australia


Membrane-Free Desalination

Gold Mine Wastewater Treatment, Australia

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The system was implemented to treat water and achieve a quality that would be suitable for aquifer re-injection. This included the treatment of hardness, sulphate, antimony and arsenic. The system needed to be able to perform consistently across variable flowrates (from 20 to 80 m3/h).

The system also acts as a pre-treatment for reverse osmosis to reduce operating expenditures. This is in order to allow a portion of the water to be re-used across the plant as required.

Project Delivery

Clean TeQ proposed a combination of technologies to meet the client’s needs. The plant removes both suspended solids (TSS) and dissolved contaminants (TDS: Na, Cl, Ca, Mg, SO4, Metals) from the wastewater, and produces water with a quality suitable for aquifer re-injection, producing a gypsum based brine.


Clean TeQ uses a unique precipitation process to reduce antimony and arsenic concentrations to very low levels. Hardness and Sulphates are removed using our DESALX® two-stage continuous ion exchange process. A small volume of sludge containing precipitated arsenic and antimony is produced by the precipitation system, and gypsum-based sludge is produced by the DESALX® system. Water recovery is in excess of 90% and the system is fully automated in order to achieve a consistent water quality across the required range of flowrates.

Using DESALX® we were able to achieve a reduction in Calcium by 72%, Magnesium by 70% and Sulphate by 54%.

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