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Water Recovery Solutions

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Clean TeQ Water provides a range of water treatment and resource recovery solutions using our innovative environmentally friendly technologies.

High Water Recovery

Clean TeQ Water’s focus is on developing high water recovery solutions to make the most of Earth’s scarce water resources.

The world is facing several challenges surrounding water. Nearly half the global population are already living in potential water scarce areas at least one month per year, while less than 5% of water is re-used. Meanwhile, water pollution caused by industrial and agricultural effluent is causing substantial damage to the health and livelihood of people.

Clean TeQ Water believes most of these challenges can be resolved by suitable technologies. The world has more than enough water, but that water is often in the wrong location and of the wrong composition with current treatment technologies too expensive, or unreliable to resolve the shortages. Clean TeQ Water’s portfolio of solutions are specifically developed to resolve some of the today’s most pressing issues by:

  • Increasing the rate of recycling from waste water treatment plants in dry areas
  • Treatment of highly polluting brine streams
  • Reduction of nutrient loads in effluent to prevent algae blooms and subsequent ecological dead zones

High water recovery and low waste production are key principals of our technologies, minimising the environmental impact of water treatment.

Pure Groundwater solution

Efficient Metal Recovery

Clean TeQ Water’s unique metals recovery technology provides highly efficient extraction and purification of a range of metals from slurries and solutions. Our approach achieves an extraction rate of typically more than 98% of the contained metal in the solution, and provides an economical method for recovery and concentration of dilute streams.

Our metal recovery solutions allow:

  • Optimal extraction of metal ions from the feed
  • Higher tolerance to suspended solids and feed variations
  • Superior scaling and fouling resistance
  • Lower chemical use and less waste
  • Highly concentrated product steam

Our metal recovery solutions can greatly reduce pay-back periods, allowing additional revenue to be generated from a range of mining or industrial wastewaters.

Selective Contaminant Removal

Our water treatment technologies aim to selectively remove contaminants from waste streams when possible, separating and concentrating pollutants into a different stream.

Traditional membrane technologies are often used as the default water treatment method without an in depth project assessment. Filtering all contaminants from difficult to treat waste streams can lead to scaling and fouling issues, often generating large volumes of waste which is difficult to manage

Selectively removing contaminants allows:

  • Lower capital and operating costs
  • Higher water recovery and less waste
  • Potential value in contaminant recovery
  • Superior scaling and fouling resistance
  • Recycling of processing streams
  • Highly concentrated product steam

By selectively removing contaminants such as calcium and sulphate from processing streams they can be reused, minimising waste and chemical consumption.

Tailored solutions

Tailored Solutions

Clean TeQ Water provides tailored solutions that directly meet the needs of our customers

In the water treatment sector, no two projects are the same. All water influent quality is different, regulatory standards are local, and climate conditions vary. This means water projects often require customisation to ensure robust results are achieved at lower capital and operating costs. This is certainly the case with hard to treat industrial wastewater, mine processing water, and often even for water re-use projects with strict regulations for brine and sludge disposal.

We provide solutions that best meet the customer’s requirements based on a deep understanding from over 25 years of experience in the water treatment market. We ensure that our solutions are:

  • Designed using technologies best suited to the project
  • Sized for the required flowrate, minimising capital and operating costs
  • Compliant to local regulations
  • Robust and reliable

We have a team of 30 dedicated engineers and ensure we are always available to support the customer at every stage of the project and upon its completion. We believe the only real foundation for successful and sustainable growth are successful projects and satisfied customers.

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