Ion Exchange Resin Supply

Resin applications are one of Clean TeQ’s core focus areas. Clean TeQ Water supplies a range of resins, which are used in our own systems or for general applications. Resins are the small beads (usually polymer based) which are used in the ion exchange process. A fixed ion is permanently attached to the polymer’s structure which can’t be removed, and its charge is balanced by a mobile counter-ion. During ion exchange, the mobile counter-ion is replaced by an ion in the solution which has a higher affinity, and this adsorbed ion is removed from the solution. We have several proprietary and patented resin formulas for metal extraction and water recovery applications, and relationships with resin suppliers globally to have access to the latest innovations in resin development.

Resins can be designed to remove anions, cations or specific species from a solution, which can be used to reducing hardness, removing scaling or fouling elements prior to membranes, remove hazardous metals, or recover valuable products. The resin we supply for a project will depend on the water treatment requirements, and standard resins such as strong acid cation (SAC), strong base anion (SBA), weak acid cation (WAC), or weak base anion (WBA) may be suitable. Resins can also be chosen which target a specific species in a solution, or we can use our strength in research and development to find a resin that will meet specifications.

Resins we supply for our patented continuous ion exchange processes are are specifically designed and produced to withstand the extra stress that is be placed on the resin when it is moved around. All of the resins we supply will comply with our strict quality assurance procedures, being inspected and tested before being supplied to a client.

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