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Water treatment made

easy sustainable reliable cost effective for you.

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April 5, 2024

Clean TeQ Water and Future Element Featured in “International Mining” Article

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Clean TeQ Water’s Direct Lithium Extraction Pilot Plant for LithiumBank


Innovative Water Treatment Technologies

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Tailored Solutions For Your Water Treatment Challenges

What We Do

Latest News Updates

Clean TeQ Water and Future Element Featured in "International Mining" ArticleNews
April 5, 2024

Clean TeQ Water and Future Element Featured in “International Mining” Article

Clean TeQ Water and Future Element Featured in International Mining Article on our new approaches to tailings dewatering & valorisation
AWA Laramba Water Treatment Plant Awards VideoNewsVideo
April 5, 2024

AWA Laramba Water Treatment Plant Awards Video

Clean TeQ Water is thrilled to be a finalist at the Australian Water Association's National Awards in the Infrastructure Project Innovation Award (Regional) category.
Interview With Finance News NetworkNewsPresentations
April 3, 2024

Interview With Finance News Network

CEO Peter Voigt sits down with Paul Sanger from Finance News Network to discuss how we're tackling some of the world's most pressing issues like the energy transition, water scarcity…

Our Expertise

Industrial / Manufacturing

Water suitable for process use, water recycling, and wastewater treatment

Groundwater / Bore Water

Selective removal of hardness and other contaminants, and desalination

Mining and Metal Recovery

Extensive Australian experience for all mining waters and wastewater

Oil and Gas

Well water, coal seam gas, and produced water treatment

Municipal Reuse

Water recycling solutions for irrigation or industrial use

Agriculture / Aquaculture

A range of solutions for livestock, aquatic life, and irrigation of crops

Clean TeQ Water

Tailored solutions for water treatment

Our water treatment solutions provide high water recovery, low waste production, resistance to scaling and fouling, and easy operation and maintenance.

Clean TeQ Water

Groundbreaking Water Filtration Technology

Our graphene oxide membranes are the engine of affordable water filtration systems.

Clean TeQ Water

Metal extraction for any flowsheet

Our metal recovery technologies provide optimal utilization of ion exchange resin, are highly robust, and produce highly pure concentrated eluates.

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