Clean TeQ progresses HiROx® water treatment plant proposal with Townsville City Council

9 March, 2020

MELBOURNE, Australia – Sam Riggall, Chief Executive Officer of Clean TeQ Holdings Limited (Clean TeQ or Company) (ASX/TSX:CLQ; OTCQX:CTEQF), announces that strong progress is being made towards Clean TeQ securing an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract with Townsville City Council for a large-scale water recycling plant utilizing our HiROx® process and BioLense encapsulated bacteria. HiROx® is an ultra-high recovery water treatment process which combines Clean TeQ’s continuous ion exchange (CIF®) technology with reverse osmosis.


Clean TeQ Water has been advised that it is the preferred contractor to deliver a recycled water re-use plant at the Cleveland Bay Purification Plant in Townsville, however, final award of an EPC contract is subject to a range of conditions including agreement on commercial terms, construction schedule and pricing. While the EPC contract discussions are ongoing, and in order to maintain the targeted delivery schedule, Townsville has engaged Clean TeQ on an initial scope of work valued at A$920,000 for detailed design and procurement of long-lead items for the plant. This work is now underway.


Clean TeQ achieves successful customer acceptance of world first CIF® plant in Oman

11 November, 2019

MELBOURNE, Australia – Clean TeQ Holdings Limited (Clean TeQ or Company) (ASX/TSX:CLQ; OTCQX:CTEQF) announces the successful customer acceptance of commissioning and handover of a ground-breaking Continuous Ionic Filtration (CIF®) plant in Oman.

Oman clean 1 2

Sam Riggall, Clean TeQ CEO, stated “Achieving successful customer acceptance of commissioning and handover of the world’s first ever commercial scale CIF® plant for this application is a moment of great significance for Clean TeQ. Confirmation from the customer that the plant is performing to expectations is strong validation of our proprietary continuous ion exchange technology. It is also excellent demonstration of the capability of our team in designing, constructing and commissioning effective, tailored industrial water purification and metal extraction systems. We will be seeking to maximise the leverage of this success to continue to grow our business.”

Clean TeQ was engaged by Multotec, the Company’s sales and delivery partner in Africa, under a design, procure and construct contract to deliver a waste water treatment system at an antimony processing facility in Oman. The CIF® plant, utilising the Company’s proprietary continuous ion-exchange technology, is designed to remove a range of deleterious elements from up to 200 tons of waste water per day. By treating the waste, the customer is able to recycle a significant proportion of the water for re-use in their processing plant, rather than disposing of it. This provides a valuable cost saving for the customer in a geographic location where water is relatively scarce. Recycling the water also results in environmental benefits by significantly reducing the volume of waste which would otherwise need to be disposed.

The plant consists of a number of precipitation steps to remove antinomy, arsenic and hardness, followed by Clean TeQ’s proprietary two stage CIF® system to extract calcium and magnesium sulphate plus any remaining heavy metals, followed by reverse osmosis to desalinate the water and prepare it for re-use.

Clean TeQ has received formal notification from the customer that the plant has been successfully commissioned on waste water. Accordingly, Clean TeQ has now officially handed over the plant to the customer, who is now responsible for progressing the remaining commissioning and ongoing operational processes.

Achieving customer acceptance of commissioning and handover of the plant demonstrates the effectiveness of the Company’s proprietary technology as well as the capability of the Clean TeQ Water team. The plant was custom designed by Clean TeQ engineers in Melbourne, Australia, to meet the water treatment specifications required by the customer. CIF® plant fabrication, procurement and delivery was undertaken by Company personnel primarily based in Beijing. Equipment erection and installation was undertaken by a local construction contractor under supervision of Clean TeQ and Multotec.


Water Technology Developement

26 July, 2019

Clean TeQ successfully completed a hardness removal demonstration project in Inner Mongolia for Jiutai New Material (Jiutai).

Clean TeQ Continuous Ionic Filtration (CIF®) Mobile Demonstration Plant

The aim of the project was to confirm, at demonstration scale, the cost effectiveness of Clean TeQ’s continuous ion exchange process to remove hardness from highly saline brines to increase the recovery rates of subsequent membrane systems and thus improve water recoveries for recycling and reduce the volume of polluting waste brine.

During the demonstration project Clean TeQ’s mobile demonstration unit treated reverse osmosis (RO) filtration brine continuously for two weeks, consistently removing hardness (Calcium and Magnesium) down to zero to allow the subsequent second step RO to significantly increase water recovery.

The demonstration program treated wastewater from a large coal-to-chemical refinery, producing DME (Dimethyl Ether) owned by Jiutai located about 100 km from Hohhot, China. The process requires large volumes of industrial grade water, putting a strain on sources of water supply in this water-scarce region. The demonstration program confirmed that increasing water recovery by adopting Clean TeQ’s CIF® system could substantially reduce the plant’s net water use.

Successful completion of this campaign provides a valuable demonstration of yet another application for the Clean TeQ water technology in addition to the commercial scale plants currently nearing completion in Australia, Oman and DRC. Over the coming months, the Company plans to expand this marketing and technology demonstration campaign by deploying the mobile CIF® unit to other facilities in China which have similar issues as Jiutai with a view to generating additional sales.


BIOCLENS™ Encapsulated Bacteria Lens Technology

23 October, 2018

Clean TeQ expanded its water technology platform with the acquisition of an encapsulated bacteria technology from LentiKats, comprising technology licences and a production plant for the manufacture of encapsulated bacteria BIOCLENS™.

The LentiKats technology is focused on encapsulated bacteria, which is useful in water treatment applications given the bacteria’s ability to break down and remove over 90% of harmful nitrates and ammonia from waste water. Through the application of the LentiKats technology, the bacterial organisms are coated in a PVA-gel, providing protection against other chemicals in the water stream which would otherwise harm the bacteria.

BIOCLENS™ lenses are an important and high potential reagent used in Clean TeQ’s existing proprietary water purification processes. The acquisition of the LentiKats technology will enable Clean TeQ to produce BIOCLENS™ lenses in-house, removing the reliance on using a third-party supplier and improving reliability, quality control and reducing cost. Internal production will also deliver improved efficiency by further customizing the product for different uses.

Clean TeQ is setting up a production facility for BIOCLENS™ lenses in China for applications in its growing pipeline of global projects.


Clean TeQ Water signs Cooperation Framework Agreement with Meili Guotu Environmental Research and Design Institute

13 April, 2018

Melbourne, Australia – Mr Robert Friedland and Mr Jiang Zhaobai, Co-Chairmen of Clean TeQ Holdings Limited (Clean TeQ or Company) (CLQ:ASX; CLQ:TSX; CTEQF:OTCQX), and Mr Sam Riggall, Chief Executive Officer, today announced that the Company, via its wholly owned subsidiary Clean TeQ Water Pty Ltd (Clean TeQ Water), has signed a Cooperation Framework Agreement (Agreement) with Meili Guotu Ecological and Environmental Research and Design Institute (Meili) for the development and promotion of Clean TeQ’s unique water treatment solutions.

The Agreement between Clean TeQ and Meili will focus on promotion and development of Clean TeQ’s water purification technologies in China through joint research projects, incorporation of Clean TeQ’s water treatment solutions in projects designed and implemented by Meili, and the joint promotion of technology solutions.

Meili is a design and research institute founded in 2017 to support the development of environmental technologies and project design. Meili is supported by Shanshui Environment Technology Inc. and CITIC Construction Co. Ltd. (a subsidiary of CITIC Group Corporation Ltd.) and is expected to assist CITIC Construction Co. Ltd in the execution of environmental construction projects in China and abroad as part of China’s “One Belt One Road” initiative.

To ensure close cooperation between both parties Martin Wang, Chairman of Meili, will become an advisor to Clean TeQ Water while Clean TeQ’s founder, Peter Voigt, will join Meili’s global technical advisory committee.


Clean TeQ Water Signs Additional Breakthrough Contract with Multotec in Africa

29 January, 2018

Mr Robert Friedland and Mr Jiang Zhaobai, Co-Chairmen of Clean TeQ Holdings Limited (Clean TeQ or Company) (CLQ:ASX; CLQ:TSX; CTEQF:OTCQX), and Mr Sam Riggall, Chief Executive Officer, today announced that Clean TeQ, through its wholly owned subsidiary Clean TeQ Water Pty Ltd, has entered into an agreement to design, supply and commission a metals processing plant using Clean TeQ’s proprietary Continuous Ion Exchange processing technology. The project, with an overall value in excess of A$2 million, confirms the rapidly increasing global interest in the application of Clean TeQ’s Continuous Ion Exchange technology for metallurgical processing and water purification. CEO Sam Riggall commented, “Clean TeQ is making excellent progress in commercializing our suite of mineral processing and water purification technologies. We are delighted to have been selected to provide this solution, which we expect will offer another valuable reference for the efficacy and cost effectiveness of our processes. The potential market for our technology is enormous – this is only the beginning.”

Africa Plant

Project Background

The plant is to be installed at a metals processing plant in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The project is being delivered to Clean TeQ’s South African based partner Multotec Process Equipment (Pty) Limited (Multotec). Multotec is a leading provider of high-quality mineral processing equipment and solutions to the mining, mineral processing, petrochemical and power generation industries. Clean TeQ has an exclusive Technology Distribution Agreement with Multotec for the African continent. The Technology Distribution Agreement establishes the commercial framework under which Clean TeQ will sell its technology products and services to Multotec so that Multotec can act as exclusive distributor for Clean TeQ in all countries in the continent of Africa. The Distribution Agreement provides Clean TeQ with the ability to leverage Multotec’s strong established presence and extensive sales and service network in the global mineral processing industry. For further details regarding the Multotec Technology Distribution Agreement, see the ASX announcement of 24 May 2017.


In the project, Clean TeQ will use its Continuous Resin-In-Column (cLX) Ion Exchange technology to treat up to 20 million litres-per-day of a raffinate stream, removing contaminant metals and improving the quality and environmental rank of the raffinate, prior to further processing.


Clean TeQ awarded contract to supply DeSALx® technology for mine water treatment plant

13 December, 2017

Mr Robert Friedland and Mr Jiang Zhaobai, Co-Chairmen of Clean TeQ Holdings Limited (Clean TeQ or Company) (CLQ:ASX; CTEQF:OTCQX), and Mr Sam Riggall, Chief Executive Officer, today announced that Clean TeQ, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Clean TeQ Water Pty Ltd, has entered into a landmark agreement with Fosterville Gold Mine Pty Ltd (Fosterville) to design, supply and commission a two million litre-per-day Clean TeQ DeSALx® mine water treatment plant. The award of the contract follows a period of extensive due diligence and test work conducted by Fosterville to validate the efficacy of Clean TeQ’s DeSALx® system for the treatment of mining process waters. The value of the contract is $3.5 million and serves as a significant milestone for the Clean TeQ Water division. Sustainable water management is becoming critically important in the mining industry as environmental regulations are tightened globally and water scarcity increases. The Fosterville water treatment plant is an important reference project for Clean TeQ’s DeSALx® technology, which is expected to add significant momentum to the growing pipeline of Clean TeQ Water projects.

FGM Plant Lay out

Project Location

Fosterville operates the Fosterville Gold Mine near Bendigo, around three hours drive north-west of Melbourne. During the mining process, groundwater is produced which is currently stored at the surface in limited capacity dams on the mine site. To create a more sustainable water management strategy, Fosterville approached Clean TeQ to provide a system that will treat the mine water to match the quality of the region’s underlying aquifer. Fosterville can then use managed aquifer injection (MAI) to return the water to its natural source, or alternatively, use the treated water from the Clean TeQ plant for further treatment and subsequent recycling and re-use of the water.

The DeSALx® Technology

The Fosterville water treatment plant comprises an integrated precipitation and continuous ionic filtration process (DeSALx®). The precipitation process removes arsenic and antimony from the water as a coprecipitate. The water is then treated by the DeSALx® process to remove hardness, sulphate, and other dissolved metals. DeSALx® technology is ideal for complex mine wastewater treatment. The DeSALx® process can be used as a standalone or as a pretreatment for membrane-based water treatment systems.

As the DeSALx® by-product is gypsum-based, it is compatible with Fosterville’s currently established lime treatment facility and provides a zero-brine water treatment solution. Design of the Fosterville water treatment plant is already underway, with equipment supply, installation and commissioning all scheduled for 2018. Clean TeQ Water is actively engaged with several mining companies globally in testing our unique continuous ion exchange systems for the treatment of process water treatment for recycling or environmental discharge.


CLQ awarded contract for CIF ® WWTP in Oman

24 May, 2017

Melbourne, Australia – Sam Riggall, Managing Director, today announced that Clean TeQ, via its wholly owned subsidiary Clean TeQ Water Pty Ltd, has been awarded a significant contract by Multotec Process Equipment Pty Ltd (Multotec) to design, procure and commission a Clean TeQ proprietary Continuous Ionic Filtration (CIF®) wastewater treatment solution at a minerals processing plant currently being constructed in Oman.

Oman plant layout


The CIF® waste water treatment plant will treat waste water from a flue gas desulphurisation scrubber at a minerals processing plant at Port of Sohar Free Zone, Sultanate of Oman. The technology uses Clean TeQ’s proprietary Continuous Ionic Filtration technology to remove toxic pollutants and in particular sulphate, antimony and arsenic from the wastewater stream. The Clean TeQ solution is being provided to Multotec as an equipment design and supply package. Multotec is the principal contractor with overall responsibility for delivering the wastewater management systems for the mineral processing facility.

Engineering of the CIF® waste water treatment plant has been completed and materials, including first fill of resin, have been procured and are in transit to the site. Multotec will construct the water treatment plant under the direction of Clean TeQ personnel. The CIF® plant is expected to be completed and commissioned in the fourth quarter of 2017.