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Clean TeQ Water Making Significant Progress with the Heathgate Uranium Project

13 June 2024

Clean TeQ Water, renowned for its innovative water and metal extraction technologies, has made significant progress in the manufacturing of the Continuous Ion Exchange Process for Heathgate project in South Australia. This cutting-edge technology is designed to enhance the efficiency of uranium extraction, setting new standards in the mining industry.

The Clean TeQ Uranium Ion Exchange Process utilises advanced ion exchange techniques specifically optimised for uranium recovery. This technology promises a more sustainable method of upgrading the extracted uranium. Clean TeQ Water has reached several key milestones in the development and scaling of this innovative process. Through extensive pilot testing, the technology has been demonstrated with confirmation of the process’s effectiveness in real-world conditions.

Following successful pilot tests, Clean TeQ Water is now scaling up the process to meet the increasing demand from the uranium mining industry and to support large-scale deployments of the technology. As the Clean TeQ Uranium Ion Exchange Process moves from pilot phases to full-scale implementation, Clean TeQ Water is setting the stage for a more sustainable and economically viable future in uranium mining. The company’s ongoing research and development are focused on further enhancing the efficiency and environmental compatibility of the process.

Clean TeQ Water Making Significant Progress with the Heathgate Uranium Project

The picture above shows the progress Clean TeQ Water has made in the manufacturing of the Uranium Ion Exchange Process. The Ion Exchange columns have passed hydrostatic testing and are currently being shipped to site in South Australia. As this technology advances, it promises to transform uranium extraction.

Stay tuned for further updates as Clean TeQ Water continues to lead the way in developing revolutionary technologies for the mining industry.