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CNQ Presenting at Direct Lithium Extraction Summit 2024

5 June 2024

Clean TeQ Water’s CEO, Peter Voigt, will be presenting at the Direct Lithium Extraction Summit 2024. The summit is taking place in London, England on 18 & 19 June 2024.

Peter will delve into how our JV company with Computational Geosciences Inc., Go2Lithium (G2L) is at the forefront of the global lithium industry, specialising in maximising the value of lithium brine assets through cutting-edge technologies and strategic partnerships. With the surging demand for lithium fuelled by the rapid growth of electric vehicle (EV) sales worldwide, G2L’s continuous counter-current ion exchange processing technology is revolutionising lithium extraction.

Key highlights will include:

  • G2L’s innovative cDLE® lithium extraction platform
  • Recent earn-in equity deal with LithiumBank Resources and the deployment of G2L’s large-scale cDLE® pilot plant
  • Opportunities for partnerships with lithium asset owners, including oil and gas companies

The slides from the presentation will be uploaded after the event.

CNQ Presenting at Direct Lithium Extraction Summit 2024