Innovative mine water treatment solutions including groundwater, process water, acid mine drainage, pit water, and tailings for reuse or discharge.


Mine Water Treatment

Mine water treatment is a complex process. The mining industry uses a significant amount of water for transporting and processing ores, which is commonly sourced from rivers, lakes, bores, or pipelines. Water quality is highly important on mine sites, with different processing circuits often requiring different water quality to achieve the desired performance, and strict quality requirements imposed by environmental agencies for discharge/disposal.


Increased water availability through higher recovery water treatment or additional water recycling are often key elements of water security for mines. Clean TeQ Water has experience helping clients reach a range of mine water treatment goals, including:

  • Treatment of acid mine drainage, tailings water, and process water for process reuse or compliant disposal to the environment
  • Treating groundwater (including hypersaline water) for use on site
  • Treatment of raffinate/tailings to recover valuable metals
  • Selective removal/recovery of many contaminants

Clean TeQ Water Solutions

We combine our diverse portfolio of technologies with conventional water treatment methods to solve a range of water treatment challenges in the mining industry. By providing customised flowsheets, we achieve the client’s specific goals, and can provide a solution which achieves higher water recovery and a range of other benefits. We provide tailored turn-key water treatment and metal recovery plants all over the world.

Mine Water Treatment

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Targeted Contaminant Removal


Selective removal of contaminants is a key focus of our technologies. Conventional water treatment methods such as reverse osmosis are well understood and trusted in the water industry, however they are often operated at low water recovery due to the scaling potential of mine water and creating a large volume of difficult to manage saline brine.

Our technologies achieve high water recovery and reduce the volume of liquid waste produced. In many cases we can manipulate process chemistry to produce solid waste.

Robust Mine Water Treatment

Mine water treatment is often complex and difficult process. Our solutions are specifically designed to be resistant to the scaling and fouling which is often experienced by conventional water treatment processes. This allows for easier operation, longer time between maintenance is required, and lower ongoing maintenance costs.

Sulphate Removal


We have extensive experience in sulphate removal and provide customised and optimised flowsheets depending on the feed characteristics and target sulphate level. Our sulphate removal solutions have low cost, achieve high recovery, and can often be configured to produce a solid waste for easier waste management.

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