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Oil & Gas Water Treatment

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Water treatment solutions for the oil and gas industry, including well water, hardness and sulphate removal, and high recovery desalination.

Oil and Gas Water Treatment

Oil and Gas Water Treatment

The oil and gas water treatment faces many issue right from raw water treatment to waste water treatment. This industry consumes substantial volumes of fresh water for pressure management, drilling, fracturing, workover and other oilfield applications.

Substituting this water with lower grade, non-potable water can greatly improve the water security in water scarce areas. The use of non-potable aquifer water is however often restricted by high concentrations of total dissolved solids (TDS) and sulfate, requiring treatment before use.

Oil and Gas Water Treatment Solutions

Clean TeQ Water provides customised water treatment solutions that can selectively remove contaminants such as calcium, magnesium, and sulphate from well water. The water recovery of conventional membrane processes is often limited to 40 – 60% for brackish and saline feed waters due to scaling risks.

Using our technologies we can selectively remove scale forming contaminants prior to membrane treatment in a chemical free process, boosting the recovery to above 90% and producing much less brine. We can also reuse salt to provide the density required for workover brine.

desalx membrane and filteration

Targeted Contaminant Removal

Selective removal of contaminants is a key focus of our technologies. Conventional water treatment methods such as reverse osmosis are well understood and trusted in the oil and gas industry, however they are often operated at low water recovery due to the scaling potential of mine water and creating a large volume of difficult to manage saline brine.

Our technologies achieve high water recovery and reduce the volume of liquid waste produced. In many cases we can manipulate process chemistry to produce solid waste.

Robust Water Treatment

The composition of water in the oil and gas industry is often complex and difficult to treat. Our solutions are specifically designed to be resistant to the scaling and fouling which is often experienced by conventional water treatment processes. This allows for easier operation, longer time between maintenance is required, and lower ongoing maintenance costs.

Sulphate Removal

We have extensive experience in sulphate removal and provide customised and optimised flowsheets depending on the feed characteristics and target sulphate level.

Our sulphate removal solutions have low cost, achieve high recovery, and can often be configured to produce a solid waste for easier waste management.

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