DESALX® (2-Stage CIF®)

Our DESALX® technology consists of two CIF® modules in series removing both the cations and anions present in the water through a complementary processes. Each CIF® module comprises a series of four columns, each designed for a specific function – ionic filtration, resin cleaning, resin regeneration and resin washing. CIF® uses a moving bed of charged beads to attract and remove ionic species from water whilst filtering the water of suspended solids, ensuring optimum efficiency and continual high performance. Resins are cycled between columns hourly using an air lift pump allowing continuous operation and regeneration of the system.

desalx eng
Example Layout of DESALX® Technology

In the mining industry our DESALX® technology has been combined with high density sludge (HDS) technology to achieve zero liquid discharge (ZLD). The DESALX® portion of the system first removes multivalent cations such as heavy metals and hardness, then removes multivalent anions such as sulphate and nitrate, creating a gypsum based brine. The treated water can then be reused or treated further, and the brine is recycled to the HDS system resulting in ZLD.


✓ Dual plant pass through with rapid processing time✓ Realises maximum water recovery whilst achieving minimum waste
✓ Direct treatment of variable input waters with no pre-treatment required✓ Produces Gypsum as a by-product for agricultural and water conditioning applications
✓ Flexibility in output water quality✓ Can produce ultra-pure waters to TDS 50 mg/L and below
✓ Direct capture of solids and ion removal without blocking up or fouling✓ High plant turn-down rates (up to 90%)
✓ Chemicals only required to re-charge cationic resin✓ Uses low cost, and hazard, lime for anionic resin regeneration
✓ Minimal power requirements✓ Simple materials, no moving parts or complicated internal structures
✓ Operates at atmospheric pressure (no pressure vessels)✓ Automated operation including compensation for variable feed and produced water requirements


Typical IndustriesDESALX® Can Remove
Mining WaterHardness
Municipal ReuseNutrients
Surface Water TreatmentSulphates
Groundwater TreatmentSalinity
Power PlantsUranium
Coal, Fine & Petro ChemicalsSelenium

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