Industrial Water Treatment

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Industrial Water Treatment

Industrial water users can consume large amounts of water and create large volumes of difficult to treat wastewater during manufacturing and processing. Water used in these industries can have a wide range of quality requirements for use/reuse as process water and safe & compliant discharge to the environment.

Traditional water treatment methods such as reverse osmosis (RO) can generate large volumes of difficult to manage brine, creating a waste disposal issue in industrial areas where space constraints can limit the use of evaporation ponds. In many instances companies are moving towards zero liquid discharge (ZLD) due to their sustainability policies or regulations placed on the site by the Government.

Our Solutions

Clean TeQ Water provides innovative solutions for treating industrial process and wastewater for reuse, or safe and compliant discharge to the environment. By providing customised flowsheets, we achieve the client’s specific goals, and can provide a solution which achieves higher water recovery and a range of other benefits. Selectively removing contaminants we can avoid creating concentrated saline brines, and in some cases create pure reusable product streams. We provide tailored turn-key water treatment plants to customers around the world.

Hardness (Calcium / Magnesium)
Other Metal Contaminants
Brine Management
Hypersaline Water

Targeted Contaminant Removal

Selective removal of contaminants is a key focus of our technologies, able to remove hardness (calcium/magnesium), metal contaminants, nitrate, ammonia, and a range of other pollutants with high water recovery and minimum waste production. The selective removal can avoid creating concentrated saline brines, and in some cases can create pure reusable product streams after the impurities have been removed.

Zero Liquid Discharge

Clean TeQ Water’s technologies and flowsheets provide affordable ZLD solutions. When removing contaminants such as calcium and sulphate, our CIF® (continuous ionic filtration) technology can produce a gypsum based waste which can easily be turned into solids.

Our HIROX® (high recovery reverse osmosis) technology typically achieves >95% water recovery, generating a much smaller waste volume than conventional RO. The smaller volume of concentrated brine reduces the size of evaporation ponds required, and reduces cost of evaporation systems when achieving zero liquid discharge.

Our low energy evaporation technology, EVAPX®, has higher resistance to scaling than conventional technologies since evaporation occurs away from the heat source inside the humification chamber. The system is also much easier to operate and clean since flat plate heat exchangers are used and there are no complex internal geometries in the system. The system can be operated using waste heat if available to drastically reduce the power requirements and operational costs. EVAPX® typically has lower capital and operating costs than other evaporation technologies.

Ammonia and Nitrate Removal

Our BIOCLENS® and BIONEX® technologies can efficiently remove ammonia and nitrate to very low target concentrations (< 1ppm). They can treat saline water and highly concentrated streams (ammonia/nitrate concentrations > 1,000 ppm), which can pose an issue for conventional technologies.



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