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Clean TeQ Awarded Contract to Reduce Nitrate Levels in Australia

26 June 2024

Clean TeQ has been awarded a contract for the implementation of its advanced biological water treatment process, BIOCLENS®, to reduce the nitrate levels in a water storage dam in Australia. The project is scheduled to commence in June 2024 with a delivery time of 20 weeks.

Under the terms of the contract, Clean TeQ Water will design and supply its proprietary BIOCLENS® water treatment system to treat nitrate contaminated water in a storage dam. The treatment will mitigate environmental risks and create potential opportunities for future water discharge from site.

Clean TeQ Awarded Contract to Reduce Nitrate Levels in Australia

Photo of a similar containerised BIOCLENS® system

BIOCLENS® uses biologically active lenses seeded with specific microorganisms that naturally degrade nitrate in the water to nitrogen gas. The robustness, high activity, small footprint, and ability to handle variable loads and conditions without significant loss of treatment efficiency makes the technology ideal for this application. When compared to traditional water treatment methods, BIOCLENS® operates with lower energy requirements and produces no sludge which reduces operational costs and lessens the environmental impact.

We are excited to have been awarded this contract to implement our BIOCLENS® water treatment technology in Australia. This project underscores our commitment to providing innovative and sustainable water treatment solutions that address critical and complex environmental challenges."

Peter VoigtCEO, Clean TeQ Water