Uranium Removal from Cobalt Product, DRC

Uranium Removal for Cobalt Mine, DRC

Continuous Ionic Filtration

Clean TeQ Water delivered a continuous ion exchange plant to remove uranium from 20 MLD of cobalt-rich liquor at a minerals processing facility in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Clean TeQ Water’s CIF® (Continuous Ionic Filtration) technology was used to remove and concentrate uranium from a cobalt rich liquor at a large minerals processing facility in the Democratic Republic of Congo. If not removed, the uranium significantly reduces the sale price which can be achieved for the site’s final cobalt product. Site construction occurred in late 2018, with commissioning in 2019.

The continuous ion exchange plant was designed to treat approximately 830 m3/h of liquor (20 ML/d) and reduced uranium concentrations from 30 mg/L to <1 mg/L.

In order to provide the client with processing flexibility, during commissioning the continuous ion exchange plant was required to treat a more acidic feed than was designed for. Despite this significant change, uranium removal extent remained above 90%.

Our CIF® technology provides a lower cost than fixed bed ion exchange with a small site footprint. The plant is a cost efficient and robust solution for the client, capable of handling different flow rates and feed qualities outside the design specification, while still achieving over 90% uranium removal.

Water Quality

Sample DateFeedTreated ATreated BTreated CTreated D
pHCo (mg/L)U (mg/L)U (mg/L)U (mg/L)U (mg/L)U (mg/L)


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