Treatment of Wastewater for VOC and BOD, Czech Republic


Encapsulated Bacteria Lenses

Treatment of Industrial Wastewater for VOC and BOD, Czech Republic

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Clean TeQ Water’s BIOCLENS® technology was used to remove VOC from 70m3/h of industrial wastewater.


Clean TeQ’s BIOCLENS® technology was installed at a solar panel producing plant in the Czech Republic in 2012. The plant operated under anoxic conditions to remove organic pollutants (ethanol, iso-propanol and other biodegradable chemicals) from industrial wastewater. The plant had a flow rate of 70m3/h and a reactor volume of 70m3. Treatment reduced the BOD concentration from 25mg/L to a level below 4mg/L.

Water Quality

Tank volume70 m³
Flowrate1680 m³/d
COD/VOC concentration in influent50/25 mg/L
COD/VOC concentration in effluent6/3 mg/L
COD removal capacity3.1 kg/hr
Amount of biocatalyst5500 kg
Air aeration60 m³/hr


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