Uranium Removal From Drinking Water

Fixed Bed Ion Exchange, Remote WA in Australia

Clean TeQ Water installed a 185 kL/day fixed bed ion exchange system to remove uranium from water to meet the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.


Clean TeQ Water designed, supplied and commissioned a 185 kL per day fixed bed ion exchange plant for a remote community in Western Australia.  The community had an ongoing problem with uranium levels in the groundwater exceeding the ADWG limit of 15 ppb, with the concentration varying between 23 and 38 ppb.

The plant was containerised to minimise site erection work and is suitable for 24-hour remote operation in all weather conditions.  The plant produces drinking water with a uranium concentration well below the 15-ppb limit. The plant was sized to only require an operator on site to top up reagents every two months. The plant was commissioned in 2012 and remains in operation, with minimal maintenance or issues.

Water Quality

Uranium Removal from Drinking Water, Australia
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