Nitrate Removal from Coal Mine Water, China


Complete Nitrate Removal

Nitrate Removal from Coal Mine Water, China

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Clean TeQ Water is currently commissioning a 12MLD BIONEX™ plant for nitrate removal to reach a concentration of < 1ppm in China.


Clean TeQ Water was recently awarded a contract to design, procure, deliver, and install a BIONEX™ nitrate removal plant at a coal mine in China.  The plant has been designed to treat and remove nitrate from 12,000 m3 /day of coal mine pit water to bring the total nitrogen concentration below 1 ppm to comply with local regulations governing mine water disposal. The plant recently produced the first water, which can be read about here.

Typical Water Quality for a BIONEX™ Plant

Species Unit Feed Target
Ca mg/L <75 -
Mg mg/L <10.69 -
Cl mg/L <252 -
SO4 mg/L <202 -
HCO3 mg CaCO3/L <181 -
NHx-N mg/L 0.8 -
NOx-N mg/L 4.79 -
Organic Nitrogen mg/L 0 -
TN mg/L <6.0 < 1
TDS mg/L 1012.57 -
TSS mg/L 50 -


How does BIONEX™ work?

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