Nitrate Removal from Coal Mine Water, China


Complete Nitrate Removal

Nitrate Removal from Coal Mine Water, China

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Clean TeQ Water are currently commissioning a 12MLD BIONEX™ plant which polishes nitrate to < 1ppm in China.


Clean TeQ Water were recently awarded a contract to design, procure, deliver, and install a BIONEX™ water treatment plant at a coal mine in China. The plant has been designed to treat and remove nitrate from 12,000 m3 /day of coal mine pit water to bring the total nitrogen concentration below 1 ppm to comply with local regulations governing the disposal of mine water. The first water was recently produced by the plant, which can be read about here.

Typical Water Quality for a BIONEX™ Plant

Species Unit Feed Target
Ca mg/L <75 -
Mg mg/L <10.69 -
Cl mg/L <252 -
SO4 mg/L <202 -
HCO3 mg CaCO3/L <181 -
NHx-N mg/L 0.8 -
NOx-N mg/L 4.79 -
Organic Nitrogen mg/L 0 -
TN mg/L <6.0 < 1
TDS mg/L 1012.57 -
TSS mg/L 50 -


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