Agricultural Salt Recycling Plant, Australia

Agricultural Salt Recycling Plant, Australia

Low Energy Evaporation and Crystallisation

Clean TeQ Water is currently delivering a 34 m3/day EVAPX® plant to treat brine and recover salt in New South Wales, Australia.


Clean TeQ Water’s EVAPX® process evaporates the water from a high concentrate dirty wastewater, reducing the overall wastewater volume and allowing the recovered water to be re-used in a beneficial way. The concentrated salt stream produced by EVAPX® will be reused by the customer on site, reducing the amount of salt which needs to be purchased.

The EVAPX® solution was chosen for its ability to evaporate the water using much less energy than alternative solutions (e.g. natural gas boiler systems), thereby substantially reducing the carbon footprint of the products produced especially due to the availability of solar power. The EVAPX® technology is an efficient, low energy method to treat highly concentrated wastewaters and brines to achieve minimal liquid discharge (MLD) or zero liquid discharge (ZLD).

Construction Video

Example Water Quality

ParameterUnitRaw Feed
Electrical ConductivityμS/cm424000
Total Dissolved Solidsmg/L249000
Total Suspended Solidsmg/L23760
Biochemical Oxygen Demandmg/L6470
Chemical Oxygen Demandmg/L31800


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