Oil and Gas Sulphate Removal Plant, Middle East

Oil and Gas Sulphate Removal Plant, Middle East

Chemical Free Ultra High Recovery RO

Clean TeQ delivered a 7,500 bbl/day (1,200 m3/day) ultra high recovery sulphate removal plant for oil and gas well water in the Middle East.


Clean TeQ Water delivered a 7,500 bbl/day HIROX® (High Recovery Reverse Osmosis) water treatment plant, to treat well water for well completions in the Middle East. Clean TeQ Water worked with it’s partner, NESR to deliver the plant for a large multinational oil company.

The plant is designed to reduce the sulphate content of aquifer water used for well completions and enhanced oil recovery. The HIROX® plant achieves >90% water recovery, compared to around 30% recovery that was achieved when using reverse osmosis alone. This results in a 60% reduction of water withdrawn from the well and an 80% reduction of liquid waste.

The RO brine is used to regenerate the ion exchange resin in CIF® without requiring additional chemicals. A brine recovery is also included in the flowsheet to reuse the recovered salt, instead of adding imported salt, to achieve the targeted water density. This results in substantial operational cost savings and a reduction in carbon footprint for the end-user.


Oil and Gas Sulphate Removal Plant, Middle East

Example Water Quality

ParameterUnitFeed WaterCIF® Softened WaterHIROX® Product WaterAfter Blending
TDSmg/L19,40019,50010810,000 - 15,000
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