BIONEX™ (Bio + Ion Exchange)

BIONEX™ is a combination of our BIOCLENS™ (encapsulated bacteria lens) technology and ion exhange – commonly our CIF® (Continuous Ionic Filtration) technology. The ion exchange process selectively removes nitrates from the water, which are then treated by our BIOCLENS™ technology. BIOCLENS™ performs denitrification, turning the nitrates into nitrogen gas. Destroying the nitrates allows the brine to be reused, minimising brine consumption and spent brine production, and gearing the system towards zero liquid discharge. Using our BIONEX™ technology, a tertiary treatment solution with total nitrogen (TN) effluent concentrations below 5 ppm can be achieved.

Typical BIONEX™ Plant Layout


✓ Small Site Footprint✓ Zero/Minimum Brine Production
✓ Consistent low Total Nitrogen effluent concentrations✓ Low Energy Consumption
✓ Low Reagent Consumption✓ Extremely Robust System
✓ Allows TN concentrations below 5ppm to be achieved✓ Less/no secondary waste/sludge


Typical IndustriesBIONEX™ Can Remove
Municipal ReuseNutrients
Mining WaterCOD/BOD
Surface Water Treatment
Groundwater Treatment
Coal, Fine & Petro Chemicals

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