BIONEX™ is a combination of our ion exhange – commonly our CIF® (Continuous Ionic Filtration) technology, and BIOCLENS™ (encapsulated bacteria lens) technology. The ion exchange process selectively removes nitrates from the water, and the brine containing the concentrated nitrates is treated by our BIOCLENS™ technology, turning the nitrates into nitrogen gas. Destroying the nitrates allows the brine to be reused, minimising brine consumption/ spent brine production, and providing higher recovery. Using our BIONEX™ technology, a tertiary treatment solution with nitrate effluent concentrations below 1 ppm can be achieved.

Typical BIONEX™ Plant Layout


BIONEX™ has the following advantages:

  1. Consistently low nitrate concentrations, able to achieve <1 ppm
  2. Small site footprint as BIOCLENS™ has a high bacteria biomass and only treats the ion exchange brine
  3. Zero/minimum brine production as nitrates in the brine are destroyed and brine can be reused
  4. Low operational costs, energy consumption, and reagent usage
  5. Less/no secondary waste/sludge


Typical IndustriesBIONEX™ Can Remove
Municipal Reuse – affordable nitrate treatment for reuse or dischargeNutrients – mainly nitrate as it can be selectively removed using ion exchange. Can also be used for ammonia in some cases
Coal, Fine & Petro Chemicals – nitrate removal from process water and brines for enhanced reuseCOD/BOD – removal extent depends on the feed water and product water qualities
Surface Water Treatment & Groundwater Treatment – treatment of water for potable, industrial, or irrigation use.
Fisheries & Agriculture – cost efficient removal of nitrates for reuse or discharge

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