BIONEX™ is a combination of our ion exhange – commonly our CIF® (Continuous Ionic Filtration) technology, and BIOCLENS™ (encapsulated bacteria lens) technology. The ion exchange process selectively removes nitrates from the water, and the brine containing the concentrated nitrates is treated by our BIOCLENS™ technology, turning the nitrates into nitrogen gas. Destroying the nitrates allows the brine to be reused, minimising brine consumption/ spent brine production, and providing higher water recovery. Using our BIONEX™ technology, a tertiary treatment solution with nitrate effluent concentrations below 1 ppm can be achieved.

Typical BIONEX™ Plant Layout


BIONEX™ has the following advantages:

  1. Consistently low nitrate concentrations (as low as <1 ppm) can be achieved
  2. Small site footprint as BIOCLENS™ has a high bacteria biomass and only treats the ion exchange brine
  3. Zero/minimum brine production as nitrates in the brine are destroyed and brine can be reused
  4. Reliable nitrate removal in all conditions, including at low temperatures
  5. Low operational costs, energy consumption, and reagent usage
  6. Less/no secondary waste/sludge


Typical IndustriesBIONEX™ Can Remove
Municipal Reuse – low cost nitrate treatment for reuse or dischargeNutrients – nitrate can be selectively removed using ion exchange and treated. Ammonia can be targeted in some cases
Industrial/Mine Water – nitrate removal from process water and brines for enhanced reuseCOD/BOD – removal extent depends on the feed water and product water qualities
Surface Water Treatment & Groundwater Treatment – treatment of water for potable use
Fisheries & Agriculture – cost effective removal of nitrates for water reuse or discharge

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