Surface Water Treatment

Surface water is water that collects on the surface of the ground, such as rivers, lakes, ponds, dams and the ocean. Surface water is a commonly used source for human consumption, with fresh surface water being one of the most cost effective water sources. Large amounts of surface water are also used by a range of industries, such as the agricultural industry which is the largest water user in the world. Along with the use of surface water for different applications, there are also requirements for industries to discharge or dispose of water as surface water. In these cases, contaminants accumulated through the water’s use can cause environmental issues for wildlife and health issues in people that come into contact with the water, and as such careful treatment of the water is required before discharge.

Source Water

Strict water quality requirements are put in place by most governments in the world when water is going to come in contact with humans, such as drinking water. These water qualities are put in place to protect people’s health and well being. Water being used in industry also has to meet specific requirements to protect the environment, for example the agricultural industry can contaminate groundwater when contaminants leach through soil. In industries such as chemicals and mining, water with high contaminant concentration can affect the efficiency of operations.

Discharging To Surface Water

Releasing contaminated water into lakes, rivers or streams can have a devastating effect on the local environment, potentially harming plants, fish, wildlife and humans. This can be an issue for the agricultural, mining, power plant, and chemicals industries, which can all produce water with contamination above regulations.

Our Technologies

We have extensive experience in treating surface water for use and discharge in a range of industries using our proprietary technologies. We can design a cost effective treatment solution based your feed water and product water specification to ensure your requirements are met.

SolutionClean TeQ Technologies
Hardness RemovalCIF®
DesalinationDESALX® (2-Stage CIF®)
HIROX® (High Recovery Reverse Osmosis)
Sulphate RemovalDESALX®
Nutrient RemovalCIF® (Nutrient Removal)
BIONEX™ (Nutrient Removal and Treatment)
BIOCLENS™ (Nutrient Treatment)
Metal Impurity RemovalCIF®

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