EVAPX (Evaporation/Crystallisation)

EVAPX is an evaporation and crystallisation technology which uses dry air to evaporate waste water, resembling water’s natural evaporation into the atmosphere. The dry air stream allows evaporation to occur at temperatures lower than boiling point and at atmospheric pressure, reducing the costs associated with heating and pressure vessels. Our EVAPX technology is an efficient way to achieve zero or minimum liquid discharge (ZLD/MLD), increasing recoveries and reducing waste. Highly concentrated and saline (>5%) waste streams can be evaporated using the technology without scaling/fouling, leaving behind semi-dry salts. The evaporated water and heat energy are then recovered in the dehumidification chamber. EVAPX can be powered by electricity, steam, waste heat or solar energy.

nex process
The EVAPX™ Process.
Water enters at the top left of the diagram and is evaporated using dry air, with solids separating at the bottom. The humidified air moves to the condensation chamber where it condenses as distilled water, and the heat is recovered.


Zero liquid discharge✓ Lower operating cost, especially when waste heat is available
✓ Robust for highly polluted waste streams✓ Resistant to scaling and fouling
✓ Lower temperature evaporation for use with volatile elements✓ Ultra pure treated water


Typical IndustriesEVAPX™ Can Remove
Mining WaterHardness
Power PlantsNutrients
Coal, Fine & Petro Chemical PlantsSalinity

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