RO Brine Evaporation and Crystallisation Plant, China

Evaporation and Crystallisation, Yulin

Low Energy Evaporation and Crystallisation

Clean TeQ Water provided the engineering, procurement and construction of a 12.5 m3/h ZLD evaporation and crystallisation plant for RO brine in Yulin, China.


The customer was a comprehensive park established in 2009 with the approval of the government to form a self-contained system including closed management, high independency and high self-development. The park is divided into two areas: the south area is a coal chemical plant (MTO) and salt chemical production, and the north area is designated to coal liquefaction.

The EVAPX® input stream comes from concentrated water from reverse osmosis treating wastewater from the south area, with a TDS above 100,000 ppm and a COD concentration above 1,000 ppm. The heat input for the EVAPX® system is an electrical heat pump, and the plant achieves zero liquid discharge from the reverse osmosis brine. The low temperature and ambient pressure evaporation used in EVAPX® greatly reduces the amount of volatile chemicals in the distillate compared to other evaporation technologies.

Typical Water Quality for an EVAPX® Plant

ParameterUnitFeed WaterProduct Water
TDSppm> 100,000< 100
NH3-Nppm30< 30
pH-46 – 8


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