Waste Heat Evaporation and Crystallisation Plant, China

Waste Heat Evaporation and Crystallisation Plant, China

Low Energy Evaporation and Crystallisation

Clean TeQ Water provided a 360 kL/day EVAPX® plant for reverse osmosis brine, using waste steam as a heat source for lower capital and operating costs.


Clean TeQ Water provided the engineering, procurement and construction of an evaporation and crystallisation plant in Xinjiang, China. It uses Clean TeQ Water’s EVAPX® technology and can process 15m3/h of feed water. The plant was finished in 2017 and put into operation at a coal to chemicals plant to achieve zero liquid dicharge (ZLD).

The plant removes calcium, chloride and COD from RO brine, and the distillate is reused as process water on site. Waste steam is used to power the EVAPX® plant which reduces the capital and operating costs.

Typical Water Quality for an EVAPX® Plant

ParameterUnitFeed WaterProduct Water
TDSppm75,000< 500
CODppm1,400< 30
pH-6 - 9 


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