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Water Treatment Solutions

Design, Supply, and Installation of Water Treatment Plants Everywhere in Australia

Clean TeQ Water is one of Australia's leading water treatment companies, providing robust and effective water treatment systems everywhere in Australia.

Australian Based

Clean TeQ Water is one of Australia’s leading water treatment companies. We provide customised water treatment services that are robust and effective, achieving your water treatment targets with a low maintenance, easy to use solution.

Our head office is based in Melbourne, Australia and we deliver water treatment systems of all sizes across the country.

Australian Water Treatment Company
Australian Water Treatment Company

Solutions for Australian Conditions

With over 20 years experience treating water in Australia, we have an in depth knowledge of the Australian water landscape, including:

  • Typical water quality experienced by customers in a range of industries in Australia
  • Australian Standards ensuring compliant design and installation
  • Regulatory requirements for water, including the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines
  • Knowledge of the typical requirements for reuse, and discharge to the environment, sewer, or trade waste

Industries We Serve

Industrial / Manufacturing

Water suitable for process use, water recycling, and wastewater treatment

Groundwater / Bore Water

Selective removal of hardness and other contaminants, and desalination

Mining and Metal Recovery

Extensive Australian experience for all mining waters and wastewater

Oil and Gas

Well water, coal seam gas, and produced water treatment

Municipal Reuse

Water recycling solutions for irrigation or industrial use

Agriculture / Aquaculture

A range of solutions for livestock, aquatic life, and irrigation of crops

Why Work with Clean TeQ?

With over 20 years’ experience of working with Australian industry and councils to provide sustainable water treatment solutions, we are ready to help! We collaborate with you to gain a deep understanding of your needs, to propose a solution that:

  • Ensures the treated water targets will be met under all conditions
  • Uses the best available technology, including our own innovative technologies when beneficial
  • Is optimally sized, meaning you only pay for what you need
  • Designed for reduced chemical consumption and waste production
  • Uses materials of construction best suited for durability and long term project success
  • Integrates with existing processes or systems you already have on site

We want to make the process of installing a water treatment plant as easy as possible for our customers. Contact us for a free project assessment. We look forward to hearing from you!

Australian Water Treatment Company

Australian Case Studies

Townsville Recycled Water Treatment Facility, Australia

15 MLD Water Recycling Facility, producing Class A recycled water to enhance water security and support future industry.

Agricultural Salt Recycling Plant, Australia

34 m3/day EVAPX® plant to treat brine and recover salt in New South Wales, Australia.

Bore Water Softening Plant, Australia

28m3/h water treatment plant in Australia to reduce hardness and TDS for potable use.

Uranium Removal From Drinking Water Australia

360m3/day water treatment plant for a remote Australian community removing uranium for safe drinking.

Gold Mine Wastewater Treatment Plant, Australia

2MLD DESALX® plant removing hardness and sulphate, producing water suitable for aquifer reinjection.

Uranium Removal from Drinking Water, Australia

185 kL/day batch ion exchange system to remove uranium from drinking water.

Bore Water Reverse Osmosis Pre-Treatment, Australia

0.6MLD groundwater treatment plant to remove calcium, barium, and strontium before RO.

Manganese, Iron and Hardness Removal, Australia

25m3/h water treatment plant at a mine site in Australia to remove manganese, iron and hardness from groundwater for potable use.

Waste Water Treatment Plant Reuse, Western Australia

Comparison of a 42m3/h CIF system compared to MF/RO for municipal reuse

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