Nutrient Removal/Polishing

Ammonia, nitrate, and phosphorous are all nutrients which can be present in water. Excessive nutrient levels in water can cause issues such as:

  • High nitrate levels in drinking water (more commonly seen when groundwater is used as the source), which has a severe impact on health
  • Excessive algal growth, causing eutrophication and other environmental issues when high nutrient loads are discharged to water bodies

Nutrient limits are regulated in most places of the world for drinking water, and environmental protection agencies usually set a limit on the amount of nutrients which can be discharged to rivers, lakes and the ocean. The total nitrogen (TN) concentration is made up of ammonia, nitrate, and organic nitrogen, and is one of the many ways discharge limits may be specified.

Clean TeQ Water provides treatment plants using innovative nutrient treatment technologies that have:

  • Excellent resistance to fouling and scaling
  • No pre-treatment requirements
  • High water recoveries and less sludge/waste
  • Treatment from very high to very low concentrations
  • Small site footprints
  • Low cost

BIOCLENS™ Technology For Ammonia/Nitrate Removal

BIOCLENS™ can provide nitrification or denitrification to reach ammonia or nitrate concentrations as low as <1ppm, with a small site footprint due to the intense reactions that occur from the high bacteria biomass. The lens shaped PVA encapsulation protects the bacteria, allowing it to treat waters with high initial ammonia/nitrate concentrations and salinity.

BIOCLENS™ – Encapsulated Bacteria Lens

BIONEX™ Technology For Nitrate Removal/Polishing

BIONEX™ is a combination of ion exchange and our BIOCLENS™ technology, which is suitable for large scale nitrate removal with a low capital and operating cost.

Nitrate is selectively removed from water using ion exchange to <1ppm concentrations, creating a brine which contains concentrated nitrate. The brine is then treated using BIOCLENS™ to denitrify it and produce nitrogen gas, allowing the brine to be reused and very high water recovery to be achieved.

Typical BIONEX™ Layout

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