Clean TeQ Water is one of the world's most innovative water treatment companies. We provide a wide range of water treatment solutions to customers around the world. Check out some of our projects details.


Oil and Gas Sulphate Removal Plant, Middle East

7,500 bbl/day water treatment plant to remove sulphate from groundwater for the oil and gas industry in the Middle East.

Agricultural By-Product Processing Facility, Australia

34 m3/day EVAPX® plant to treat brine and recover salt in New South Wales, Australia.

Nitrate Removal from Coal Mine Water, China

12MLD BIONEX™ plant polishing nitrate to < 1ppm in China.

Shrimp Farm Nitrate Removal, China

2.5 m3/h BIOCLENS® system to remove nitrate from shrimp ponds in China.

Bore Water Softening Plant, Australia

28m3/h water treatment plant in Australia to reduce hardness and TDS for potable use.

Uranium Removal for Cobalt Mine, DRC

Removal and concentration of uranium from a 20 MLD cobalt rich liquor in the DRC

Gold Mine Wastewater Treatment Plant, Australia

2MLD DESALX® plant removing hardness and sulphate, producing water suitable for aquifer reinjection.

Processing Plant Water Treatment, Oman

Treating multiple waste streams using the 0.5MLD plant, producing industrial quality water for reuse.

Waste Heat Evaporation and Crystallisation, China

360 kL/day EVAPX® plant for RO brine using waste steam as a heat source for lower capital and operating costs.

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