Groundwater Treatment

Groundwater is water that is sourced from under the ground, such as bore water, water from wells, or springs, and its volume greatly exceeds the volume of fresh surface water. The water is held in aquifers, which are underground rock or sediment layers capable of holding water. The concentration of impurities in groundwater varies greatly by location, from being suitable as drinking water to being highly toxic. Groundwater is widely used in the agricultural, mining, and other industries, typically when larger volumes are required than exist as surface water. In some cases, water is injected back into aquifers, requiring careful contaminant treatment to protect the environment.

Source Water

Strict water quality requirements are put in place by most governments in the world when water is going to come in contact with humans, such as drinking water, to protect people’s health and well being. Water being used by an industry also has to meet specific requirements to protect the environment. In industries such as chemicals and mining, water with high contaminant concentration can affect the efficiency of operations.

The impurities in ground water vary greatly depending on the location and depth of water, with contaminants such as nitrate, arsenic/antimony, uranium, and pesticides responsible for some of the health concerns. Groundwater can also be acidic, have high hardness, and have high salinity, which can alter the water’s colour, taste and smell.

Excessive pumping of water from an aquifer can cause a lowering of the water table in the area. When this occurs, the quality and volume of supply are affected. To replenish aquifers or dispose of water, water can be injected back into the aquifer.

Groundwater Injection

When large volumes of water are being pumped from aquifers they may need to be replenished to ensure supply of water continues and prevent subsidence (sinking) of the land surface. The impurity levels of this water are usually regulated for environmental reasons, as the groundwater can come to the surface through springs, or affect plants through water uptake.

Our Technologies

We have extensive experience in treating groundwater for use and discharge in a range of industries using our proprietary technologies. We can design a cost effective treatment solution based your feed water and product water specification to ensure your requirements are met.

SolutionClean TeQ Technologies
Hardness RemovalCIF®
DesalinationDESALX® (2-Stage CIF®)
HIROX® (High Recovery Reverse Osmosis)
Sulphate RemovalDESALX®
Nutrient RemovalCIF® (Nutrient Removal)
BIONEX™ (Nutrient Removal and Treatment)
BIOCLENS™ (Nutrient Treatment)
Metal Impurity RemovalCIF®

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