Coal, Fine, and Petro-Chemical Plant Water Treatment

Large scale chemical plants such as refineries, fine chemical, and coal to chemical plants consume a large amount of water and create large volumes of difficult to treat wastewater. Due to their location and the volume of water required, these plants often draw water from groundwater or surface water sources to use as process water, which can require treatment before use. Concerns about environmental pollution when discharging contaminated water from the plant often results in very strict discharge requirements, or even zero liquid discharge (ZLD).

Water Treatment

A range of water treatment technologies can be used for industrial wastewater, depending on the contaminants. This includes Membrane/filtration methods such as reverse osmosis (RO), lime softening, distillation and ion exchange. The technology is usually chosen depending on the contaminants that need to be removed, and the cost of the system.

Our Technologies

All of Clean TeQ Water’s technologies could be applied to treat industrial wastewater, with the technology chosen depending on the water’s contaminants. With more strict regulations starting to effect the industrial sector, more enquiries are beginning to focus on ZLD solutions.

SolutionClean TeQ Technologies
Hardness RemovalCIF®
DesalinationDESALX® (2-Stage CIF®)
HIROX® (High Recovery Reverse Osmosis)
Sulphate RemovalDESALX®
Nutrient RemovalCIF® (Nutrient Removal)
BIONEX™ (Nutrient Removal and Treatment)
BIOCLENS™ (Nutrient Treatment)
Metal Impurity RemovalCIF®

Our EVAPX® evaporation and crystallisation technology is well suited to treating highly polluted wastewater reaching over 99% water recycling and returning crystallised salts that can sometimes be re-used. This allows plants to meet ZLD requirements using a robust technology that rarely requires pre-treatment, even for highly polluted streams. It uses low temperature combined with dry air to evaporate the waste stream, avoiding issues with volatile contaminants and providing a more economic solution, particularly if waste heat is available.

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