Boron Removal

Boron is a metalloid that is found in food and the environment. In natural waters boron usually exists as a form of boric acid or borate ions, with the majority of the Earth’s boron occurring in the ocean. Fresh surface water typically contains a small concentration of boron, but can be significantly increased as a result of wastewater discharges or nearby industrial activity. Elevated boron levels can also be present in groundwater as a result of leaching from rocks and soils containing boron compounds.

Boron is an essential nutrient for plants, although in excess quantities it becomes toxic. In humans, high concentrations of boron can be harmful, especially to children and infants, and the World Health Organisation provides a guideline limit of 0.5 mg/L for drinking water.

Removing boron from water can be difficult, with conventional water treatment methods such as reverse osmosis (RO) often struggling to remove boron to low concentrations.

Our Solutions

Clean TeQ Water provides effective and affordable boron removal solutions which can consistently meet very low boron concentration requirements. Ion exchange is an excellent choice to selectively remove boron, using either boron specific or strong-base anion ion exchange resins depending on the water chemistry. The ion exchange technology we recommend for boron removal will depend on the feed concentration, target concentration and flowrate to be treated. We provide turn-key water treatment plants which utilise either fixed bed ion exchange technology, or our proprietary CIF® (continuous ionic filtration) technology.

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One of Clean TeQ Water’s containerised fixed bed ion exchange plants


Our ion exchange solutions for boron removal provide:

  • Consistent and effective boron removal to low concentrations
  • Selective boron removal for high water recovery and minimal waste generation
  • Low capital and operating costs
  • Easy operation and low maintenance water treatment

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