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Clean TeQ Water (ASX:CNQ) Perumin Pitch Video

DESALX® Technology Spotlight

Innovative Water Treatment Technologies

Our DESALX® technology selectively removes metals (calcium, magnesium, and others), and sulphate in a robust, membrane free, zero liquid discharge process.

Our technology consists of two CIF® (Continuous Ionic Filtration) modules in series removing multivalent cations (such as calcium, magnesium, and other metals), and then multivalent anions (such as sulphate) from water in a complementary processes. Read More.

DESALX® Project Spotlight

Gold Mine Australia

Clean TeQ Water provided the design, supply and commissioning of a DESALX® water treatment plant at a gold mine in Victoria, Australia. The plant reduces antimony and arsenic through precipitation, before proceeding to DESALX® where calcium, magnesium and sulphate are removed. Treated water achieves a quality suitable for aquifer re-injection, and higher RO recoveries are achieved when the softer DESALX® product water is treated further for reuse. Read More.

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