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Clean TeQ Water Wins Outstanding Achievement Award

19 October 2021

Clean TeQ Water is pleased to announce it has won the Outstanding Achievement Award at IChemE’s Global Awards! The awards celebrate chemical, process and biochemical engineering excellence and are widely considered as the world’s most prestigious chemical engineering awards. Companies that were shortlisted for the award were the winners of the 15 individual awards categories, including companies such as Saudi Aramco and PETRONAS. Clean TeQ Water were ultimately successful and took the top prize, Outstanding Achievement in Chemical and Process Engineering.

We are very proud of winning the Outstanding Achievement Award from a field of not only water treatment, but for other innovations as well. Some of the past winners include companies like BP, Nestlé, and DuPont, and we are very proud to be joining these companies as winners.

Willem VriesendorpCEO, Clean TeQ Water

During the award webinar, IChemE’s President, Jane Cutler, said “Your project, innovative biological technology for nitrogen removal, provides a fundamental shift in how bacteria are applied in water treatment. Your innovative technology can be employed in the treatment of wastewater to remove nitrogen to very low concentrations, which both reduces the negative impact of nitrogen for human health and wildlife, and our waterways, but is a key enabler for recycled water use. Compared to current methods to address excess levels of nitrogen, your technology is more effective and more cost efficient, meaning the future implications of this technology for global wastewater treatment for environment is really significant. In talking to judges, I understand they were particularly impressed by the engineering  excellence demonstrated in your approach, which is to be commended. On behalf of IChemE I would like to thank you all for your efforts to advance chemical engineering for the benefit of society, and I wish you all the very best in your future endeavours.”

A replay of the Awards Webinar is embedded below, along with Clean TeQ Water’s CEO, Willem Vriesendorp, discussing the award with Proactive.

Awards Ceremony Replay

Clean TeQ Water's CEO discusses the award with Proactive