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Clean TeQ Water Awarded Contract for BIONEX Water Treatment Plant in China

19 May 2021

We have persisted for a long time to make inroads into the very large Chinese water treatment market. As we move towards the proposed demerger of our water business later this year it is pleasing to see that we have achieved some initial success in that important market as we continue to make good progress on our goal of growing revenues.

Sam RiggallClean TeQ Managing Director

Clean TeQ Water’s BIONEX solution is a combination of our Continuous Ionic Filtration and BIOCLENS (bacteria encapsulated in a protective PVA lens) technologies which has been demonstrated to be highly effective for removal of nitrate from wastewater. This market is growing rapidly due to increasingly strict regulation and increasing safety concerns over the disposal of waste waters with even very low levels of nitrate. Nitrate removal from water effluent is a significant challenge throughout China.

The plant has been designed to treat and remove nitrate from 12,000 m3 /day of coal mine in pit ground water to below 1 ppm in order to comply with local regulations governing the disposal of mine water.

Clean TeQ Water Awarded Contract for BIONEX Water Treatment Plant in China

The contract has been awarded to the Company’s wholly owned Beijing based subsidiary by Beijing Beihua Zhongqing Environment Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. (BHZQ). BHZQ is a subsidiary of Beijing Enterprise Water Group (BEWG). Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and valued at approximately HKD 30 billion, BEWG is a diversified water company focused on operating water assets throughout China. BEWG is also one of the largest water treatment companies in Asia. BHZQ has expressed an interest in ongoing cooperation once this first BIONEX plant is successfully commissioned.

Once completed, this application will be a valuable addition to the Company’s portfolio of large-scale operating plants which we will seek to leverage to grow future sales – it will be the Company’s first ever large-scale application of BIONEX in China.