CLEAN-IX Metal Recovery

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Our CLEAN-IX® continuous ion exchange process provides highly efficient extraction and purification for a range of valuable and strategic metals from slurries and solutions. This includes metal recovery from ores, tailings, and water affected by acid mine drainage (AMD).



The resin used in the continuous ion exchange process can be selected to target the required metal ions, adsorbing them onto the resin which is then treated further for recovery. For more information about metal recovery, see our metal recovery page.

The base technology for the CLEAN-IX® process was developed by the All Russian Research Institute of Chemical Technology (ARRICT) over a period of 40 years. Since 1951, ARRICT has been involved in the development of over 30 mining operations using the technology, mainly for uranium and gold extraction, from leached slurries and solutions.

CLEAN-IX® covers the complete spectrum of leach systems (both acid and alkaline), using the following technologies; Continuous Resin-In-Column (CLX) for clarified leach solutions (<4% solids), Continuous Resin-In-Pulp (CRIP) and Resin-in-Leach (CRIL) for slurries (4-50% solids), and Continuous Elution (U-Column) for metal elution and purification.

CLEAN-IX® CLX (Continuous Resin-In-Column)

Our CLX technology uses a continuous counter-current process that extracts metals from clarified leach solutions. It uses moving packed bed resin columns, where the solution and resin are in contact with counter-current flows.

CLEAN-IX® (Metal Recovery)
CAD Render of our CLX Technology

Our CLX system is the most efficient method of direct adsorption available and is suitable for large and small flow rates. It operates on solutions with up to 4% solids, minimising pre-filtration requirements.

CLEAN-IX® CRIP (Continuous Resin-In-Pulp) / CRIL (Continuous Resin-In-Leach)

Our CRIP technology uses a continuous counter current ion exchange process that directly extracts metals from leached pulps (up to 50% w/w solids) and with high resin concentrations (up to 40%v/v). The resin and slurry are mixed directly, and moved counter currently in a series of columns, maximising the efficiency of the process and recovery of target metals. CRIP systems can be integrated with any leaching, elution and purification technology.

CLEAN-IX® (Metal Recovery)
CAD Render of our CRIP Technology

In some applications, CRIL gives higher leach recovery rates with a reduction in leaching lixiviants. Here, resin is contacted with slurry during the leaching process for metal extraction.

CLEAN-IX® U-Column (Continuous Elution)

CLEAN-IX® (Metal Recovery)
CAD Render of our U-Column Technology

Our U-Column technology uses a “concentration desorption” process, concentrating the metal in solution as well as scrubbing impurities off the resin. This reduces or eliminates the requirement for downstream purification processes as the product eluate stream contains a high concentration of target metals with minimal impurities. Due to its high efficiency, our elution systems typically have lower reagent consumption (up to 33%) compared to batch systems.

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