Antimony Ore Roasting Plant, Oman

Clean TeQ Water were engaged to provide the engineering, procurement and construction of a 0.5ML/d plant in Oman. The plant uses a precipitation stage to remove antimony and arsenic, followed by Clean TeQ Water’s DESALX® technology to remove hardness and sulfates before continuing to reverse osmosis (RO). This process treats the waste stream from the plant and produces industrial quality water which is reused as process water. Installation started in 2018 and was finished in 2019.

Oman clean 1 2
Photo of the completed plant

The plant was required to treat a range of different waste water flow rates and qualities. There were also no existing brine handling facilities on site, so there was a requirement for high water recovery and low liquid waste production. There was a restricted budget, so an efficient and economical process was required. Equipment also needed to be robust and resilient to survive hot and humid Middle Eastern conditions.

A combination of continuous ion exchange (DESALX®), precipitation, and reverse osmosis were used to treat the wastewater. The process is cost-effective, highly robust, and economical, meeting the client’s requirements.

SpeciesUnitFeed WaterProduct Water
Total TDSppm2,650280
Cations (meq/L)38.883.35
Anions (meq/L)38.964.95
Gypsum Waste (kg/h) 28


LocationOman, Middle East
ApplicationAntimony and Arsenic Removal, followed by Hardness and Sulphate Removal
Clean TeQ’s RoleEngineering, Procurement, Construction
Project StatusCompleted
Start Up2019