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Clean TeQ Water Shortlisted for IChemE Global Awards

7 September 2021

We are excited to announce that Clean TeQ Water is a finalist in the Biochemical Engineering, and Innovative Product categories at this year’s IChemE Global Awards 2021 for our Innovative Biological Technology for Nitrogen Removal.

Clean TeQ Water’s lens encapsulated bacteria technology, BIOCLENS®, provides a fundamental shift in how bacteria is applied to water treatment. Lens shaped PVA encapsulation maximises the diffusion rate and protects bacteria from saline conditions, enabling consistently high nitrification and denitrification activity in harsh conditions. Innovative coupling of our proprietary continuous ion exchange technology with BIOCLENS forms our BIONEX™ system, which allows for consistent nitrate removal to <1ppm, in a system which has a smaller footprint, lower capital and operating costs, and less waste production than conventional nitrate treatment methods. Clean TeQ Water is currently delivering a 12MLD BIONEX plant in China for nitrate removal.

Winners will be announced on Thursday, 7 October, via the IChemE Global Awards 2021 webinar.

Clean TeQ Water Shortlisted for IChemE Global Awards