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NESR & BECL Announce Inauguration of ‘Carbon Light’ Brine Plant in North Rumaila Field Iraq

29 January 2024

Clean TeQ’s partner in the MENA region, NESR (National Energy Services Reunited Corp.), has released the following announcement regarding Clean TeQ’s HIROX® (high recovery reverse osmosis) plant in Iraq, outlining how a previously unusable brackish water source was harnessed for brine production through the use of Clean TeQ’s cutting-edge technology.

NESR & BECL Announce Inauguration of ‘Carbon Light’ Brine Plant in North Rumaila Field Iraq

Clean TeQ Water’s HIROX® Plant in Iraq

NESR today announced the inauguration of its flagship ‘Carbon Light’ oilfield brine plant in North Rumaila. The project and opening ceremony were conducted with BECL operating Rumaila Operating Organization (“ROO”) (an incorporated joint venture between bp and PetroChina) in Iraq.

NESR undertook the investment in the ‘Carbon Light’ brine plant as part of an existing, long-term brine supply agreement to support ROO operations in North Rumaila. Leveraging partner Clean TeQ’s continuous ionic filtration and high-recovery reverse osmosis (“RO”) technology, the first such deployment globally in the upstream energy sector, NESR & ROO endeavor to re-envision the way that oilfield brine is manufactured, and also substantially reduce water waste and the carbon footprint associated with brine supply.

Whereas conventional brine production involves the mixing of salt from a mine and freshwater from a separate, third-party industrial RO plant, NESR’s ‘Carbon Light’ brine facility utilizes brackish groundwater proximal to the plant to directly generate the high-specification brine from a previously unusable water source. NESR estimates up to a 75% reduction carbon-equivalent (“CO2e”) footprint versus the conventional brine production baseline, and up to a 90% reduction in water waste, by volume, versus the industrial RO source.

Water stewardship and carbon intensity reduction remain a key focus for us in Iraq and there is no better example of this innovation in action than with NESR's newly inaugurated brine facility in North Rumaila, to support our ROO operations. This unique technology has unlocked a new way of producing brine that vastly simplifies logistics, eliminates trucking, improves water use, and minimizes waste."

Orkhan GuliyevGM, ROO

We are proud to collaborate with BECL to bring a new, low-carbon blueprint to oilfield brine production. Beyond the decarbonization associated with lower trucking & logistics, I am immensely proud of the positive impact that this plant brings to our overall water use, harnessing a previously unusable brackish water source for brine production through the use of cutting-edge technology, and thereby shielding industrial RO water for use elsewhere in agriculture and for community consumption. Amidst the backdrop of freshwater scarcity challenges across the region, we are extremely thankful to Iraq, under the leadership of His Excellency Hayyan Abdul Ghani, Minister of Oil, to enable the investment and install this flagship technology, thereby saving precious freshwater resources for others."

Sherif FodaNESR CEO & Chairman