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NematiQ Sells Graphene Membranes into the Hemp Processing Market

19 February 2024


  • NematiQ secures first commercial sale quantity for hemp processing (botanical extraction market), valued at AUD 65,000
  • 12 months of testing and customer-led product development led to the specification of NematiQ membranes for the dewaxing stage in the CBD production process
  • NematiQ has transitioned into the market education and commercial sales phase, following successful development of its Graphene Membrane products in multiple markets including botanical extraction, drinking water filtration, wastewater treatment and industrial separations.

Clean TeQ Water is pleased to announce that its 100%-owned subsidiary, NematiQ, has secured its first significant sale, valued at AUD 65,000, to Molecular Forces Consulting LLC, a leading company in the USA, providing equipment to the botanical extraction sector.

This sale highlights the application of NematiQ’s Graphene Membranes in the botanical extraction sector, notably in hemp processing. Following 12 months of testing and customer-led product development, Graphene Membranes have been shown to withstand the chemicals involved in these processes, achieving enhanced performance in the dewaxing stage with fluxes multiple times higher than existing filters. The successful demonstration of the technology has led to the initial sale and the deployment of Graphene Membranes into this market through Molecular Forces.

NematiQ Sells Graphene Membranes into the Hemp Processing Market

NematiQ spiral wound membranes for the botanical extraction industry

The hemp extraction equipment market is estimated to be US$45.5m in 2022, with a 12.8% CAGR (source). Filters in this sector have a faster replacement rate in comparison to many other industries. The majority of the market are not using membrane separations, and as such a shift to membrane separations will increase the value share of the equipment supply market in collaboration with Molecular Forces.

Over the past year, NematiQ has transitioned from the development phase to focusing on educating the market and commercial sales. Our Graphene Membranes stand out due to their unique properties, such as high flux, the ability to reject organics without rejecting salts, and the anti-fouling nature of the membrane surface that results in lower fouling compared to conventional polymeric membranes.

In other applications such as drinking water treatment, the Graphene Membrane has been very successful in trials for the removal of naturally occurring organic matter (NOM) in drinking water applications. The Graphene Membrane can remove organics without removing the beneficial salts resulting in lower energy use, higher water recovery and more environmentally friendly routes for by-product disposal.

NematiQ Sells Graphene Membranes into the Hemp Processing Market

Water Source Australia system using NematiQ’s membrane

The market penetration of NematiQ’s Graphene Membranes is increasing, with sales in the drinking water sector for customers in Australia and Europe, and into the reverse osmosis pre-treatment market with some of the world’s largest manufacturers for testing in their flowsheets.

Other initial Graphene Membrane sales have been achieved across diverse sectors for testwork and piloting, including surface water, groundwater, dye recovery, greywater, carwash wastewater, and industrial filtrations. Other major ongoing trails include whey concentration for a major international dairy company, wastewater treatment for a large food and beverage company, wastewater treatment in the PFAS industry, and wastewater treatment trails with a large Australian Water Authority.

We are very excited about deploying NematiQ’s Graphene Membranes as the performance is substantially higher than other membranes being used for the industry. We have seen dewaxing flowrates exceed four to five times higher than other membranes for supercritical carbon dioxide extraction and even higher for ethanol extraction processes. This is a gamechanger and will allow for higher production capacity across the industry as this has been a key bottleneck associated with deploying membrane filtration as the gold standard in this part of the CBD and THC production process from hemp."

Zev FeinsteinFounder of Molecular Forces Consulting LLC

The achievements to date reflect the broad interest in our technology and its potential to redefine water purification standards. We are committed to continuing our work with customers towards a more sustainable and efficient future in water treatment.”

Dr. David MenziesCEO, NematiQ