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First Water Produced by Clean TeQ Water's BIONEX™ Plant in China

8 December 2021

Clean TeQ Water is pleased to announce the first water has been produced from its BIONEX™ plant in Ordos, China. The water in the video exits from the top of the 7 meter tall adsorption columns and flows through the resin traps.
The plant has been designed to treat and remove nitrate from 12,000 m3/day of coal mine pit water to below 1 ppm in order to comply with local regulations governing the disposal of mine water. During these first days of test operation the effluent stayed within these limits. The final step will be the commissioning of the brine circuit in which our BIOCLENS technology will ensure the plant will not produce any waste brine volume while minimizing chemical consumption.
Clean TeQ envisions this to be the first of many plants in China especially in sensitive areas such as the yellow river basin which covers the Northern provinces of China in which this plant is located as well.