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Clean TeQ Water Awarded Contract for HIROX Water Recovery Plant in Middle East

13 August 2021

Clean TeQ Water is pleased to announce the award of a significant contract to design, procure, deliver, and install a HIROX (High Recovery Reverse Osmosis) plant to treat bore water used for enhanced oil recovery in the Middle East. The contract counterparty is the National Energy Services Reunited Corp (NESR), Clean TeQ Water’s strategic partner for the oil and gas sector in the Middle East.

NESR is one of the largest oilfield services providers in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) and Asia Pacific regions and is listed on NASDAQ (NASDAQ: NESR). NESR has established a Water Conservation and Management business focused on improving water availability and reuse in the oil and gas sector.

Clean TeQ Water’s suite of water technologies are targeted for such applications and provide NESR with competitive advantage in this market sector. Clean TeQ Water’s HIROX solution allows for ultra-high recovery of water with minimum waste. The objective of this treatment is to reduce sulphate in bore water to prevent scaling when the water is used for reinjection. The HIROX solution will achieve >90% water recovery compared to around 30% recovery by traditional solutions. The result is a more efficient use of scarce bore water resources, with a 60% reduction of water withdrawn from the bore and an 80% reduction of liquid waste. Moreover, HIROX will reuse the recovered salt, instead of adding imported salt, to achieve the targeted water density. This results in substantial operational cost savings for the end-user and further reduces the environmental footprint.

The award of this significant contract is further testament to our ability to provide the best water treatment solutions across multiple industries. The Oil and Gas sector is a tremendous opportunity for the adoption of high recovery water and reuse technology. Our HIROX process is one of our world-leading treatment technologies that will ensure Clean TeQ Water can compete with the world’s best water treatment companies.

Willem VriesendorpChief Executive Officer

NESR will be the owner and operator of this first installation. The end-user of the treated water will be one of the big four oil companies. The HIROX plant will produce approximately 1,200 tonnes per day of treated water. This project is the first application of HIROX technology in the Middle East. Once completed, NESR and Clean TeQ Water will promote the use of this technology across the oil and gas sector in the MENA and Asia Pacific regions where the parties see substantial demand for water conservation and reuse.